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Doc In Hollywood

Doc In Hollywood

This is the story of a newcomer to Hollywood. However, not the usual struggling story. He is a successful doctor. Houston based Pavan Grover’s passion for medicine to the silver screen is unique, unravels Ruchi M.

The philosophy ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ came true when a thirty something successful doctor but newcomer to Hollywood, Dr. Pavan Grover, got accomplished actor Dennis Hopper to speak his written lines in his production, Unspeakable.

Pavan Grover is a unique newcomer to Hollywood. The up and coming young screen writer and dynamic actor, a.k.a. Dr. Pavan Grover, is an advanced pain management specialist, who runs a private practice in Houston, Texas. He has been in private practice for about 11 years, but his desire to be in films kept growing day by day since early childhood. Dedicating his career to easing people’s pain, Dr. Grover has successfully spread national and international awareness on the many options available to patients who experience extreme pain and suffering caused by life threatening illness such as cancer and heart disease.

“Facing the cameras for the first time opposite veteran actor Dennis Hopper was just like a dream come true for me”, says Pavan. It was a brutal action sequence, that was to be shot first. “I wasn’t nervous, not really (smiles), since I had been imagining this moment for most of my life,” recalls Pavan. To have someone like Hopper, it was unreal. Throughout the shooting session Hopper was very encouraging, and his biggest advocate. “It made my day when Dennis said that I could be a brilliant Hollywood actor,” says Grover.

With high hopes and passion, Dr. Pavan Grover looks forward to his upcoming films, which, however, does not mean that Dr. Grover is quitting his medical job. He still diligently works full-time seeing his patients and performing surgeries. Pavan believes in being able to keep a balance between being a dedicated doctor and an aspiring actor.

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