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Talking With Actor Rahul Bose

Talking With Actor Rahul Bose

Just before Bose was heading out for his date that was auctioned at the Pratham 2008 gala Ruchi M hunt him down at his Westin Galleria suite for an interview.

Dressed in all black with gelled hair, Rahul looked quite charming as he does in his reel life characters. Not so thrilled about his thousand dollar date, Rahul stretched his legs on the ottoman proceeding with his interview, which turned out to be quite intriguing as we talked about dating, love, and sex.

His journey as an actor started on stage and he got his first break in English August. Having done some impressive and butt naked roles Rahul now is looking forward to acting in an action movie.

The 40 year old actor’s sole dream in life is to able to be compassionate, totally loving and a peaceful person. And “I don’t think a wife can help me in that, but that does not mean I am gay,” smirks Bose.

“Yes I haven’t dated for many years but I really don’t want to narrow myself, obsessing about looking for that special someone,” he added, “I have friends and family who love me and care for me. I think love can be received from anyone. Be it my colleague, my sister or my best friend.”

Rahul does not see any strong grounds to get married. “If it is for children, I don’t want any. And if it is for sex? Well I am not married but I did not say I practiced celibacy,” he smiled.

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