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Bollywood’s Size Zero Craze!

Bollywood’s Size Zero Craze!

With Bollywood films like Tashan, Race and now Fashion! The question arises are Indians embracing the skinny look, trying to be healthy, or are just crazy for size zero.

Life Bytes host Ruchi M went around Houston town to find the answers.

Former model, socialite Yuki Rogers expressed her shock that Indian actresses are trying to look super skinny.

Gone are the days of Meena Kumari, Hema Malini, Rekha, and Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood seems to be embracing the starved hungry look. The extreme is always a bad idea. With Bollywood’s changing trend, one thing is certain, Indians have surely become more health conscious and fashion conscious.

To get more answers and find out what Houston thinks the next stop was at Rahui & I in Hilcroft where Bapu the owner thought the new skinny trend started in movies like Dhoom 2 and now in Tashan by Kareena Kapoor, but of course he admires Hema Malini and Madhuri. According to Bapu it’s just a new craze and will soon fade and will also lose its sustainability. We even stopped visitors at the store and asked them questions. Farida Hasanali and Ajay Sarpeshkar, both members of NetIP, hoped the skinny look craze did not bring with it insecurity and diseases like bulimia and anorexia amongst teens in India. Also interviewed were Shyam Anandampillai and Srikanth.

Last but not the least was Chloe Dao, a Project Runway winner, who shared what she looks for in a model.

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