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The Miraculous Meenakshi

The Miraculous Meenakshi

Once the heroine of ‘Hero’ hopped from one shooting to another, today her priorities have shifted. Meenakshi Sheshadri from dancer, actress to homemaker.

Meenakshi Sheshadri and familyWith a loving husband, a successful marriage and two lovely kids, her happiness seems to be complete. But the climax for a happy life was not all a fairy tale.

Life changed for the 80s’ and 90s’ most talked about cine star Meenakshi Sheshadri when she stepped out of her comfort zone. The sensational diva of Bollywood departed her ‘comfort zone’, India in 1995 and married US based investment banker Harish Mysore.

“It was not all that easy for me to settle down in the US,’ recalls Meenakshi, “belonging from a very indo-centric background, life abroad shook me”. The journey from Mumbai’s hustle bustle shooting sets to the isolated locales of Texas was unimaginable.

While taking care of household chores in her beautiful double-storied house in Dallas the actress/dancer laughs out on those bygone days when going to India was just an easy escape from reality. “I just could not relate myself with the US environs,” says Sheshadri.

Facing the stark reality of anonymity juxtaposed to the paparazzi of filmdom, parched Mrs. Mysore to a certain extent. It was not the quest for ovation but a confrontation to try something new. ‘Human beings are so used to their routine that it really takes an effort to change,’ she said ” I never thought of driving and that was my biggest inhibition.”

Meenakshi Sheshadri and family“I was so used to my driver and above all I was terribly scared of driving, it took me almost three years to plunge onto the freeway,” confessed Meenakshi. However the paradoxical lifestyle compelled her to reject the present. Nevertheless, it was during those lengthy trips to India, she realized that she had to step out of her ‘comfort zone’ and venture the beautiful future ahead.

She soon got enrolled in a driving school in Dallas. Today, just like any other Indian American mom Meenakshi speeds along the freeway to pick up her daughter from school. While her hands are full taking care of an eight-year-old daughter Kendra and two year old Josh, Sheshadri successfully operates her dance school.

Meenakshi SheshadriFor Meenakshi dance was always a passion, she relates herself more closely as a dancer than an actress. With the burning desire to continue the art and extend this culture in a foreign land, Meenakshi with the full support of her Harish introduced Cherish Dance School. This three-year-old dance school goes beyond teaching dance. It is an assembly of talented dancers, a voluntary body to enhance multi-culture, revealing the best talent of people of all ages.

Being level headed, Meenakshi easily gained love and affection not only from her family members, but the Indian community in Dallas nurtures her dedicated efforts. Mesmerized by her life experiences, Margrett Stephens is presently working on a two- hour musical documentary on Meenakshi Sheshadri. The documentary ‘Meenakshi Accept Her Wings’ depicts the transitional lifestyle of dancer, actress to a homemaker. The movie tells about her life after movies and marriage.

Meenakshi Sheshadri dance groupMeenakshi’s potential as an actress was tremendous, she gave the Indian film industry several super hits like ‘Hero’, ‘Damini’, ‘Ghayal’ and the list goes on. With a combination of good looks and dancing abilities the actress was never thirsty for big banners.

Harish’s sister played the central part of introducing the two while in India and thus started the eternal love story. From the heartthrob of millions to the mommy next door, Meenakshi cherishes every moment of her life. Today Meenakshi accumulates success in terms of quality and not quantity. Her priorities are finally set. “Family is everything for me,” says she.

By Ruchi Mukherjee


    • does anyone know her USA address or phone number. I heard that she lives in Plano, Texas and has one dance school. Recently we moved to Dallas and looking for her school or address.
      If anyone knows, pls mail me

  1. meenashi didi how r u? Im pja live in chembur. U r v.v. Sweet i love u rpy most .

  2. I am true fan of Meenakshi Sheshadari. I want to meet her. I love her.

    • Happy birthday mam. I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.

  3. Please mam come back in bollywood. Only you are the real HEROINE and wonderfull dancer. I recepect you from my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  4. Hey meena am zuhra frm kenya iused 2watch ua moves exspecily ghayal and ghatak uwere super imis on screen bt am hapy 4u kuddos namashte

  5. ap bohey haseen hain or ap kai bechay bhe ap mujay mairi jan sai ziada pyari lgti hain allah ap ko selamat rakhay i love u

  6. pls come back in bollywood….love u

  7. Oh i liked her mesmerizing performance in the tamil film duet and her gorgeous looks and the dancing skills.very happy to learn that she resides in the same city:Plano in U.S that i am living currently….


  8. Meenakshi and I were class mates at a Chennai high school.

  9. I’m a housewife from west Bengal Kolkata. I’m one of many fans of Meenakshi. Thanks Ruchi for this information about her. May God bless Meenakshi & make her happy in life. Good wishes for her.

  10. When she will come back to india.



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