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Musical Concert | Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan

Event: Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan
Venue: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

On Wednesday January 14, 2009 Houstonians enjoyed an exclusive one day only musical performance Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan. “Hogaku” presents the music of two emerging groups pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese music.

Presented by Asia Society Texas Center, the Japan Foundation, and the Consulate-General of Japan in Houston this music performance was a special opportunity to experience a unique blend of old and new as musicians, classically trained in traditional Japanese styles, experimented and pushed the boundaries of their instruments.

The evening was a re-envision of Japanese traditional music (hogaku) in a contemporary context. Two exciting new interpreters had taken the contemporary music scene by storm.

The 4-member Hayashi Ensemble Fujizakura, led by Harumi Mochizuki, breathes new life into shibyoshi (four rhythm), percussion music originally performed to accompany Noh theater, consisting of shime-daiko (small floor drum); otsuzumi (large hand drum); kotsuzumi (small hand drum); and fue (flute).

In the second part the duo Passion of Asia with Tetsuro Kawashima on tenor saxophone and Etsuko Takezawa on koto (zither) created original sounds blending jazz and hogaku through versatile improvisation.

The evening of music began with an introductory lecture and demonstration titled “Tradition for the Future” by Mr. Takafumi Tanaka, Editor-in-Chief, Hogaku Journal, followed by the performances to a full packed auditorium.

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  1. I am happy you enjoyed Hogaku! As I'm sure you will agree, it was a great night of music.

    I would like to link to your YouTube Video of Hogaku if I may, please email me if this is a problem. Thank you. info [at]


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