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World Affairs Council Hosts Robert D. Kaplan

World Affairs Council Hosts Robert D. Kaplan

Event: World Affairs Council Hosts Robert D. Kaplan
Venue: Junior League Building, Houston, Texas

The greater Indian Ocean is a hub of activity. It is an energy super highway, surrounded by emerging nations. As capital, population, and influence shift away from the Atlantic region, The Indian Ocean area will be the true nexus of power and conflict in the coming years, with China, India, and the US all asserting influence. Robert Kaplan believes that the fight for freedom and democracy will be won or lost in the Indian Ocean and that US policy must give greater focus to this challenge-filled region.

Robert D. Kaplan a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security in Washington and a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly. He was recently the Distinguished Visiting Professor in National Security at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. His twelve previous books include Balkan Ghosts, Eastward to Tartary, and Warrior Politics. He is a member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. His last book, Monsoon, was the focus of the lecture hosted by the World Affairs Council in Houston.

Watch the lecture here.

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