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Music Series and A Grand Patel Wedding

Music Series and A Grand Patel Wedding

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While the malls are desperately setting out to lure customers with sale signs and other distractions it was quite a relief to find something that was free of cost and so serene. The Rothko Chapel, an internationally renowned intimate sanctuary formed around 14 monumental canvases by Mark Rothko, an interfaith space conceived and made possible by Houston philanthropists Dominique and John de Menil, and a timeless landmark, is observing its 40th anniversary. To mark the celebration several events have been hosted.

This summer the chapel presented a music series of four programs that recognize the integral role of music as an art, that has the capacity to bind diverse people together through a shared experience. This Sunday June 26, 2011 the Chapel experienced a packed hall with more than 150 people who gathered to listen to The Raga in Hindu and Islamic Music. Musicians Jamuna Murali, Raja Rajeshwari Bhat, and Ali Durrani showcased the nuances and intricacies of two traditions of Indian Classical music, Hindustani and Carnatic, and the Muslim style of Sufi music. Hindustani music hails from North and Central India; Carnatic music is based mainly in South India; and Sufi music is identified with Pakistan. Each of these music traditions rely on the raga, a melodic framework within which musicians compose. Using traditional instruments, the musicians performed, demonstrated, and discussed the difference in ragas and the use of ragas in the music of their respective regions and religions.

At the Stafford Center it was all about A Grand Patel wedding where more than two thousand people gathered. It was no ordinary wedding, prominent Indo-American Hasubhai Patel’s daughter was getting married amidst several Sugarland and Houston dignitaries.

Hasu Patel is the South Texas Regional Director for Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) and an active member in his community and in professional associations, Hasu is on the board of directors for the Texas Hotels/Motels Association, the Houston Lodging Association, and Southwestern National Bank. He is a member of the Indo-American Political Action Committee and the Executive Committee of the Leuva Patidar Samaj of USA. He is also founder of the Indian Sports Club of Houston and the Small Independent Motel Association.

The wedding of Sharnee and Nikhil was held in a very elaborate setting with emphasis implied for the perfect traditional Gujarati wedding. Guests were very warmly welcomed and seated in the large auditorium at the Stafford Center on Cash Road. Upon arrival they were greeted with ice-cream, and floors filled with rose petals. It was a treat to the eyes to watch the colorful Indian outfits, pretty bridesmaids in pink, and authentic Gujarati food catered from New York.

Spotted at the wedding: Thomas Abraham, Mayor Pro Tem Sugarland, Texas, Adrian Garcia, Harris County Sheriff, Sam Merchant, Mona Parikh, Ramesh Anand and many others from Houston, Florida, New Jersey – you name it. Most definitely a wedding that will receive critical appreciation for months to come.


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