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Terror Strikes Mumbai Again: Indian Americans Enraged!

Terror Strikes Mumbai Again: Indian Americans Enraged!

Talking Points report by Ruchi Mukherjee

July 13, 2011: Three bomb blasts in Mumbai shocks Mumbaikars and outrages Indian Americans. Ruchi Mukherjee speaks to some prominent media personalities and other individuals who share their views, feelings and rage exclusively to Lights Camera Action.

Rohit Vyas – Veteran Indian American Journalist and News Director/Sr.Vice President of TV Asia

The ruthlessness with which these terrorists have acted in these latest attacks in Mumbai shows the utter disregard towards human lives especially innocent lives. It clearly illustrates once again that no government should even consider negotiations with terrorists.

The attack has again shown the weakness of Indian Intelligence Agencies in preempting terrorist strikes. It seems evident that India urgently needs to overhaul its intelligence to prevent further attacks.

Pooja Batra – Los Angeles Based Actress/Entrepreneur

This is just terrible. Totally sucks. This is not how humanity works. Poor innocent lives. My brother lives in Mumbai and I am happy that he is safe but that is not the point. We do not feel safe. Being a Bollywood actress Mumbai is so close to my heart, I have passed by Dadar so many times. Unfortunately I was stuck in the 1993 attack and then 2003 and also 2008. I have seen the aftermath and how it shook the city and Bombay, I mean Mumbai, is not the same any more. Such attacks take away a lot from the city. It is not about being resilient. It is time for some serious action.

Chidanand Rajghatta – Washington DC Based Foreign Editor, Times of India

The President has a great sense of understanding as during his recent visit to India, Mumbai was his first stop. In a statement President Obama said that he strongly condemns the outrageous attacks in Mumbai and India is a close friend and partner of U.S and “we will offer support to India’s efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.” – Official Statement.

And Hillary Clinton will stick to her plans of traveling to India next week and she said it is more important than ever that we stand with India and condemns these despicable acts designed to provoke fear and division.

Avinash (Avi) Gavai – Ottawa Based Reporter/Columnist Embassy Newspaper

As dastardly and despicable as the most recent bout of terrorist attacks in Mumbai is–I think they are hardly a surprise to anyone. The city popularly known as “The Maximum City” is also a maximum target for remorseless and cowardly murderers, who have now attacked the city in 1993, in 2003, and the commando-style attacks of 2008 that are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

I have no doubt the political classes in India will yet again offer platitudes praising the ‘resilience’ and ‘fortitude’ of Mumbai’s citizens, making the obligatory visit to a few of the injured in their hospital beds. They should understand that this ‘resilience’ and ‘fortitude’ comes out of necessity, not some deep-rooted sense that eventually everything will be okay again. An average working class person has no choice but to get about his or her business, simply because a living has to be made. And they don’t want to hear some politician living in ivory towers offering false and nonsensical clichés.

After the attacks of 2008, Indians were promised a beefing up of the long neglected and often apathetic security and intelligence apparatus. It seems like the lessons from that horrible tragedy still haven’t been learned, and there is a definite lack of urgency and political will needed to fight a growing existential threat to the country–whether it is from foreign militants, homegrown terrorists, or Naxalite extremists.

And without that will, courage, and yes–even intelligence, India will continue to be a punching bug for those that offer it nothing but hate and bloodshed.

Sanjiv Arora – Consul General of India in Houston

We strongly condemn against this act and our thoughts and prayers are for the innocent lives lost and with their families. Hon. Home Minister of India has stated that the blasts were a very well coordinated and thought out plan. Investigations are ongoing and the needful will be done.

Pradeep Anand – Houston Based Indian American

I grew up in Mumbai. My home was in Dadar, one of the locations of the latest round of violence perpetuated on the citizens of that city. (Dadar is the locale in the first chapter of my book, where teenage protagonists encounter their first round of violent behavior in their lives.)

I don’t have rage against anyone except those who take innocent lives, that too in a cowardly manner. Violence begets violence and when the perpetrators are invisible, the innocent become targets again, creating a perpetual cycle of cruelty.

Mumbai has always been a city where its multicultural communities have been celebrated, not just tolerated. It’s a shame that violence is tearing this essential secular fabric of this wonderful city.

I don’t think that central and state governments alone can help the situation. Yes, people must expect protection from the government but its hand needs to be strengthened by local populations rejecting promoters of this cult of brutality.

Latika Bathija – Houston Based Philanthropist/Socialite

I am just appalled, speechless and at the same time enraged. This is no time to bounce back, it is time to boycott and take action. Mumbai, India is rising and this is a planned action to bring it down. Mumbai demands security like New York. I don’t think the Government of India values the city. We are Sindhi and it is the business hub for all businessmen. High Time!

Ramesh Anand – Houston Based Prominent Indian American

I grew up in Dadar and subsequently lived near Opera House, a few buildings away from Prasad Chambers, I am aware of the dense population in these areas. It demonstrates the singular purpose of the terrorists to affect maximum damage. I do hope people do not succumb to rumor mongering and the authorities start taking proactive steps to avert similar acts in the future.

Noureen Dhanani – Houston Based Designer

It is absolutely heart-breaking to wake up one morning and to hear and read about your hometown once again becoming the target of terrorist activity.

The July 13, 2011 Mumbai blasts may not have taken many lives, yet these blasts have instilled many with fear. The number of casualties should be irrelevant in terms of determining how seriously an attack must be taken. Who is responsible for last night’s attacks and previous attacks of a similar caliber? And what measures are being taken to prevent future attacks on our city and our country? Could we blame such catastrophic events on our government? The system?  Or specific individuals that our ‘democracy’ has elected? Who has the answers to these questions? And where is the end to this? When will innocent civilians stop losing their lives due to the incompetence of politicians? When will justice finally be served?


  1. The problem is that India has a lot of internal constraints and not able to take stern action against Pakistan. India is the only country surrounded by two nuclear powered countries Pakistan and China.

  2. I hope the indomitable spirit of Bombayites prevails in spite of the relentless and mindless bomb blasts by people who strike terror so heartlessly.

  3. I cannot believe this. Terror struck again in Mumbai when I went online this morning here in Houston. Then Chief Minister Chavan reported twenty deaths and scores injured in three different places in Mumbai. More details may emerge with time. As I am busy in coordinating Houston Rath Yatra on Saturday, I sincerely pray to Lord Jagannath to give strength and courage to the injured and the families to bear the irreparable loss to lives and properties. We celebrate the lives lost on July 13th in Mumbai.
    May the departed souls rest in peace.

  4. It is so sad to see our beloved city of Mumbai go through this once again. And once again put the resilience of Mumbaikars to the test. It so unfortunate that so many innocent lives are lost because of such cowardly acts of terrorism. Praying for love, peace & respect for humanity.


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