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Indians in Houston Support Anti-Corruption Protests in India

Indians in Houston Support Anti-Corruption Protests in India

As Anna Hazare‘s campaign against corruption strengthens, it has been called the new independence movement for India. The protest is not just exclusive to India. Indians living in the United States are also in full swing with the campaign and have held protests.

The Indian community in Houston has been very active in responding and contributing towards the anti corruption movements in India for a while. People For Loksatta (PFL) Houston chapter has been spear heading the anti corruption activities in India several ways since 2009. In the process, People for Loksatta invited Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, president of Loksatta Party in 2010, to educate NRIs of their role in building India as a corruption free nation. After this, PFL has started the ball rolling by intensifying various activities in Houston with the vision to eliminate corruption in India. The website was launched to unite NRIs all over the world to fight corruption.

Last week a group of young professionals carried signs, chanted slogans, and raised India’s flag in front of the Indian Consulate on Post Oak Boulevard to show their support for Anna and help eradicate corruption in India.

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