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Profile of the Month | Sonal Bhuchar

Profile of the Month | Sonal Bhuchar

There might be plenty of speculations regarding women and their ability to multi-task but there are no doubts when it comes to super woman Sonal Bhuchar. She clearly is the best example we could ask for in terms of preserving her Indian values along with a very successful career.

Born in Mumbai, India, Sonal received her education at Queen Mary’s, a private Christian school, and then graduated from G. S. Medical College with bachelors in Physical Therapy. “I grew up in a typical middle class home, enjoying the small pleasures of life,” says Sonal.

After getting married to her college sweetheart, Sonal moved to the US, coming a long way from a young shy bride to a young physical therapist, who emerged from motherhood to leading the community she evolved in.

After several attempts and conflicting schedules Lights Camera Action Host Ruchi Mukherjee managed a sit-down interview with the soft spoken demure Ms Bhuchar who is now running for the Republican Primary in Texas House District 26.

What made you run for this campaign?

I believe that Texas needs strong, fiscally conservative leadership that can manage shrinking budgets and limited resources, that can create an educated workforce and continue to attract business and jobs, by providing excellence in the quality of life.

What are your focus areas and what makes you a unique candidate?

I bring a background of being a small business owner, and the unique experience of governing the largest business and employer in Fort Bend County, FBISD. I also bring many years of hands on experience in the healthcare field and in public education and governance.

I am the most qualified candidate to navigate the uncharted waters of economic uncertainties, focusing on the two key issues that will define the path of success of our state, education and healthcare.

How would you describe the contribution of Indian American women in Houston and what more would you like to see?

I think that women are very strong, compassionate and multi-task oriented, and Indo-American women are no exception. They are successful entrepreneurs, business women, leading professional women in medicine, science, research, education, and social work and they are mothers who care for children and grandparents all under one roof. They are to be commended in not just succeeding in their work lives, but in being the glue that holds families, traditions and cultural roots together, in one big ecosystem.

What do you value the most and think is important in life?

The ability to stand by your convictions with integrity and empowering yourself and others to achieve maximum potential.

This committed, passionate, approachable, stubborn but focused Sonal Bhuchar is seldom found bragging. She calls her achievements baby steps and feels incredibly blessed to have a supportive husband, family and friends, who stand by her in all that she has chosen to pursue. Apart from attending several community events and political activities she also enjoys reading, traveling and Indian classical music to recharge herself.

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