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Young Professionals Mix and Mingle

Young Professionals Mix and Mingle

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It is phenomenal to witness the sudden growth of young professionals in Houston and their enthusiastic involvement in politics, professional development and entrepreneurship. Houston is hosting more and more mixers that involve young professionals.

The Young Professionals for Jacquie Chaumette hosted an impressive mixed crowd of professionals of all ages on Tuesday night at Char House in Sugar Land Town Center. A scrumptious array of mouth watering food was spread that evening along with an exquisite night of conversations.

Char House owner Shannon Orsak started the speeches and very proudly endorsed and introduced Jacquie Chaumette to the crowd of over 120. The host committee included notable young professionals around the community and the City of Houston with the goal to introduce Jacquie to other young professionals and engage them to be more active and involved in electing their future representatives. “Most importantly everyone was able to hear what Jacquie Chaumette is all about and I look forward to another function like this in the near future,” says Melissa Chou Yan.

“It is extremely important to get our younger voters and citizens energized in the political process. One of the major reasons for having this event is to let them know that I am open to their thoughts, want to address their concerns and they have a candidate – in me – who is willing to work with them,” stated Jacquie Chaumette.

This the first ‘Young Professionals for Jacquie Chaumette’ event was a huge success. “A successful event and based on the feedback we received this is only the beginning…” added Chaumette.

Meanwhile another group of young professionals with a South Asian background gathered in the Galleria Saks Fifth Avenue 51 Fifteen Restaurant and Lounge for a business/professional mixer. The event was hosted by the South Asian Chamber of Commerce.

“I have been a board member of the chamber for now over a year and also really enjoy these mixers. I have made amazing friends through these mixers and they also help build your network within the South Asian circle,” says Sophia Arabani Rehman.

The South Asian Chamber is also looking forward to their upcoming gala in January with Joanne King Herring. The mixer was very well attended with a group of very successful young entrepreneurs and professionals that created a friendly environment providing an opportunity for new comers to mix mingle and broaden their horizons. Present at the event key members of the community Munira Panjwani, Shenila Naseem, Nomaan Husain, Munir Ibrahim and others.

Input and photos of Young Professionals for Jacquie Chaumette Mixer by Melissa Chou Yan

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