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Beena Weds Sunny on December 30, 2011

Beena Weds Sunny on December 30, 2011

While we wish all our readers a very Happy New Year 2012 we are back with a brand new love story. This is the story of an Indo-Pak love journey that was started by Beena Yusuf Bali and Sunny Bali some three years ago. Their journey began as they got introduced by mutual friends, but who knew that a simple chat over skype and several exchange of emails will turn this into a love at first sight affair.

“On our first meeting when Sunny said “lets do this” I knew that he was definitely the one. He surprised me and swept me off my feet by just uttering those simple words. Three years later we are here married and all ready to start on with this journey,” shares Beena.

Beena Bali hails from a reputed South Asian family with high family values who was most definitely raised like a princess. “My parents have not spoiled me, but pampered me for sure. I feel like a princess at home,” says Beena. So for the princess the wedding had to be special. The wedding is one of the most memorable events in every girl’s life and she wanted it no different. “I would love to relive that moment with my husband again. It was classy, elegant, and intimate,” she says.

The wedding was able to reunite family members from all parts of the globe such as Canada, Dubai, Australia, UK, and India. The couple themselves are an epitome of unity as Beena is from Pakistan and Sunny is Indian, creating a new definition to Indo-Pak relations. The long distance relationship had its ups and downs but it seldom refrained them from being soulmates. “He has been my best friend through thick and thin,” adds Beena.

Sunny met Beena’s family soon upon his arrival right after meeting her. It was a nerve racking experience for Beena as she had never brought forth any male friends in front of her family. To do this for the first time in front of her father was intimidating. But all Sunny cared for was just one thing, all he needed to do was bring a glow to her mother’s eyes. In no time Sunny won the approval of all the family members.

Against all odds and stereotypes, that long distance relationships don’t work, Beena and Sunny weathered all the storms throughout these three years, they lived separately in two different countries and relied on the telephone and Skype to keep the passion alive. After marriage, they want to continue traveling and support each other in their daily routines of work and home life. “I will be moving to the United Arab Emirates, where Sunny works, so being a wife in a new country will be an exciting adventure not only for me, but for us together as a couple. We are both definitely looking forward to spending quality time with one another,” says the newly wed Beena.

With no certain plans, these love birds just want to take life day by day and conquer the world together. But what they do know for certain is, if they were able to keep this union strong from thousands of miles away, they can pretty much do anything. What makes the ‘jodi’ (Hindi word for couple) special is Beena’s quirkyness and Sunny’s calmness, and with the mutual respect and support of family and friends the couple is all set to fall in love all over again.

Photos by Mir Anwar Photography

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