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The Heart of the Matter | New Beginnings, New Boundaries… or Not!

The Heart of the Matter | New Beginnings, New Boundaries… or Not!

Sonal Bhuchar is a physical therapist and long standing community volunteer. She is the Past President of FBISDs Board of Trustees and is finishing her second term. She has served in numerous leadership roles and is now running for the Texas House of Representatives HD 26. She is married to Dr. Subodh Bhuchar and has three children. They have lived and worked in Sugar Land for the last two decades.

As the sounds of Auld Lang Syne ring out the old and bring in the new, the annual ritual of New Year’s resolutions and promises brings in visions of weight loss, exercise, meditation maybe, learning new skills or shedding some old tricks.

For we all look eagerly into the future so we can create goals, objectify our aspirations, and strive to improve upon our current situation and circumstance.

It is a natural human social phenomena to create timelines, mark milestones and identify achievements or their lack thereof.

Many a year has passed in my life where my resolution to walk 3 miles a day, meditate for at least five minutes, learn a new skill, or even take a deep breath before I speak, have, in spite of the most well intentioned resolve, vaporized into clouds of oblivion, somewhere between late January and March.

And then again, life goes on, with its challenges, from making deadlines at work, to teaching my children the latest algebraic problem with a calculator that I have never used before, making home cooked meals from scratch, throwing a wonderful Holiday bash or even running for political office…. all of which mark pushing myself a little more than I ever dared to, before this moment. All of which means that a new boundary is being tested, a new insight into uncharted territory is being created and a new world is opening up.

And often, without acknowledging it, almost unbeknownst to us, we have begun a new journey.

So this year, I have decided that I am not going to create lists of new challenges to conquer or things to change, but instead create lists of those things that have remained constant, in spite of the changes around me and within me… the Grace of the Almighty, the love of my family, the unwavering support of friends, the tolerance of those that understand my shortcomings, and the help and guidance from those on a common journey that just reach out in the name of a common cause.

And I am going to take time to touch those lives, albeit in small ways, because they are the constant, the consistent and the foundation of my life.

By Sonal Bhuchar

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