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The Story of George

The Story of George

There are only a few times in my life I can say that I’ve stepped out of reality and into what I like to call “a movie moment.” In Bollywood films it’s usually when the girl knows the guy is chasing her and she reciprocates. You see, I play in a dart league out of a small bar/restaurant local to where I live and work called Tommy Fox’s.

The very first dart match of the year had me excited at the endless possibilities. In the last season we placed first in our division and made it to the semifinals in the playoffs. I enjoy the game, yes, but what is more exciting are the people. On a dart night I am guaranteed some decent social interaction with people from all walks of life. There are teams with no member over the legal drinking age to men and women who are retired and enjoying life. This first match in particular pitted my team against men mostly in their 20s, something I was all too aware of as a possibility. That night my eye was supposed to be on the game.

It didn’t take me long to notice the blond haired, blue eyed dart chucking champion on the other team. He had the kind of boyish grin that made me feel 15 again. What’s more is, it didn’t take him long to notice me either. The banter began in an effortless two-step of wit and witticism. I played the girl who wasn’t going to swoon for his silver-tongue, and he played the rogue who would cease to amaze.

The night rolled on and the game came to a close. We had them defeated (it wasn’t that hard because they were a player short), and now it was time to shake hands and exchange well-done’s. George, as his name happened to be, came over and wrapped his arms around me in an all-too-friendly hug, and then, without warning, he picked me up and kissed me square on the mouth. With my jaw still dropped in amazement he exited the restaurant, and that is the last time we saw each other. That is, until a few weeks from now when we have our next match against his team. This time at their house. I suppose this will have to be continued…

The Dating Diary segment focuses on the ups and downs of dating from the unique perspective of a single Indo-American. Sona Sanghvi, a young woman whose travels and experiences have molded her into a bold adventure-seeker, will provide us with a front row seat on her journey through the trials and tribulations of dating and maybe eventually marriage.

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