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Alesha Weds Jose Miguel on February 19, 2012

Alesha Weds Jose Miguel on February 19, 2012

Now that’s what we call a grand wedding when Houston’s top Belly Dancer weds Professor and Piano player: A Musical Wedding. Love was in the air and so was music at this very multicultural themed wedding. The wedding was held on February 19, 2012 at The Bell Tower on 34th in the presence of some 200 plus guests.

Paparazzi was at full swing as the guests eagerly anticipated a glimpse of the beautiful bride Alesha Herrera and the handsome Jose Miguel Yamal. The couple is quite the ‘it’ Couple of Houston as Alesha aka Sahira is a popular dancer, the ‘Belly Dancing Diva’ whose heart got stolen by Chilean-American jazz pianist Jose Miguel who is not only intelligent and smart but also possesses a deep love for music.

Alesha had met Jose Miguel in 2008 and after dating for about five months she instantly new that he was the man who she could spend the rest of her life. What makes the couple click? Everything! they are compatible, dance buddies, passionate for life, have common friends and most importantly are madly in love with each other. Their wedding was a true personification of beauty, love and perfection.

“We were perfectly happy and mature in our lives, we did not need anybody to make us feel complete,” says Alesha, “but when Jose walked in my life it just made it ridiculously filled with fun and excitement that I cannot imagine a day without him,” she added.

Even though they are very compatible their different characteristics make the relationship spicy, with one being organized while the other bringing the spontaneity. Alesha has an interesting yet challenging career that might make some men quite jealous, but Jose Miguel is very confident in the relationship and the couple brags about their communication skills. “Of course there will be challenges in a relationship but the key is to have open communication to have the ability to resolve it like adults,” says Alesha.

Jose Miguel had five different proposal ideas and finally on Chile’s Independence day he popped the question to the damsel in a very fun unique way with the help of a mime. Everything is fun and play for the couple, with strong family values and an interest in various ethnic cultures, Jose Miguel and Alesha Herrera’s wedding was fascinating with different international flavors. Starting off with a traditional mehendi ceremony hosted by her close friend Shobha followed by a Sangeet (traditional Indian ceremony of dance and music). The purpose behind hosting this Indian event was the couple’s ardent love for music and dance. Friends from varied cultures and races put on a spectacular performance. Sword dancing in a belly dancing style, an Egyptian traditional dance, live jazz band, poetry recital, song by a renowned Iranian singer, sign language love interpretations, Arvind’s hilarious yet very talented teeth tapping music, all in all a mind blowing performance for a very special couple.

The bride looked stunning in a white and gold lehenga choli (Indian word for skirt and blouse) a very unique style for an American wedding. The groom charmed the audience in his black tuxedo. The party later turned into a wild frenzy as the hosts introduced a Mardi Gras theme. Everything was refined to their taste. We absolutely enjoyed the bride’s walk as she was accompanied by both her mother and father, even the first dance changed from a slow romantic dance to a fast paced fun twirl. A unique wedding for a very outstanding couple.

Alesha and Jose Miguel Yamal hosted a most perfect fun filled yet as they call it “ridiculous” wedding; their goal was to have fun and give their guests a tour of the world. This hot duo is all set to enjoy a four week honeymoon as they immerse themselves in the joys of wedding bliss with the belief that the sky’s the limit and they only just got started!

Photos by Blanca Duran Photography

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