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The Heart of the Matter | Joy of Giving

The Heart of the Matter | Joy of Giving

Sonal Bhuchar is a physical therapist and long standing community volunteer. She is the Past President of FBISDs Board of Trustees and is finishing her second term. She has served in numerous leadership roles and is now running for the Texas House of Representatives HD 26. She is married to Dr. Subodh Bhuchar and has three children. They have lived and worked in Sugar Land for the last two decades.

As January rolls into our lives, restoring routine and normalcy, the weekend calendar starts filling up with Charity Balls and Galas and the need to run in to stores to pick out the right attire to the fit the varying dress code requirements, increases exponentially. Jeans, Jewels, Masquerade balls, themes ranging from MASH to Candy land and Vegas to Peter Pan all abound. Creativity and innovation marry the latest fashions to make for a fun evening on the town, becoming the cynosure of all eyes.

And even as we prepare to enjoy an evening out, we must willfully pause to reflect on the basic premise of that evening. These bedazzling events all support causes that attract those that have the desire, talent and resources to help those may not be so fortunate or need that extra little hand to make it in the journey of life. Evenings of fun, food and fellowship help sustain the organizations and causes that improve the lives of so many around us.

So as we step out on Saturday night to enjoy the evening, we should take a moment to reflect on the cause, be it feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, child abuse, domestic violence, literacy or providing healthcare and maybe resolve to share some of our precious time to work hands on with the cause. Because, in the end, that is what brings the most joy and fulfillment.

By Sonal Bhuchar

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