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The Love Series | The IT Couples – Part 2

The Love Series | The IT Couples – Part 2

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Lights Camera Action, Houston’s Lifestyle Society Magazine is very proud to present this Valentine Season the story of HTown’s ‘IT’ Couples. We selected 10 best ‘IT’ Couples for 2012.

Last week we posted Part 1 of the list and in today’s segment we unveil the last five of the ‘IT’ Couples.


Their love story is like a fairy tale. And that is exactly how love stories should be. Tracy Orolin and Harry Faulkner were recently spotted hosting a lavish cocktail reception at their new Villa de los Amantes (house of lovers). The couple met at a charity auction event and are now madly in love with each other. They are not hesitant to express their love for each other and are passionate about everyone around them. This ‘IT’ Couple have opened their hearts and home to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, friends and many other charities. Kudos to this couple.

Sanjeev and Sandhya Ayyar share a passion for life along with their kids, friends, and they are known for their enthusiasm and high energy. Always dressed sexy and sassy, Sandhya enjoys the ‘yin and yang’ of their relationship. They both like to cultivate their own hobbies and yet spend quality time with each other. “From running around with our 6 year-old, Sanjna, and 2 year-old, Samyukth, we make it a point to go out and enjoy ourselves and persue our hobbies,” says Sandhya.

They might appear simple and poised, maybe even a bit shy and demure, but I call this couple the power team. Together Pankaj and Asha Dhume rock Houston’s Indo American Charity scene. With high Indian values and culture Asha and Pankaj are both spotted at all chic fundraising events smiling and feeling in love. They support each other in their endeavor and last year with the support of her husband and a great team and friends Asha did a phenomenal job chairing the Pratham Dior Luncheon.

This couple is a hottie in the South Asian scene. Amir and Rabia Khan make a fabulous pair as they believe in enjoying life to the fullest. This husband wife team runs the ‘show’ as Amir is the CEO of Radio Fusion while Rabia rocks the role as a RJ. With a good sense of humor, passion for music and fashion, this ‘IT’ Couple are soul mates, always promising to be there for each other in good times or bad times.

Last but not the least, this couple is the true embodiment of a power couple who have taken Houston by storm. Nidhika and Pershant Mehta have shown their love for many charities. They have donated the Arts of India Gallery at the MFAH and this year UNICEF will be honoring this couple for their dedication and generous contributions. The couple will be honored at the UNICEF World Ball on March 31 in Houston, Texas.

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