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The Story of George: Part Deux

The Story of George: Part Deux

You know that feeling you get when things are going your way? The one where the sun shines just a little brighter, water tastes a little sweeter? In the last few weeks I haven’t had a day where that hasn’t been the case.

When I saw him sitting there alone at the bar it brought a smile to my face. When we kissed the first time it was like I’d been waiting my whole life for that kiss. We talked for over seven hours the first time we went on a date. What can anyone have to talk about for seven hours; I’m not even sure I remember. I just remember that each new thing was exciting, and that if he went on forever I could sit there listening. We talked about family, about friends, about life, about music… and then the topic of dating.

We both agreed that when we met new people there would be interest, but the interest would wane when we realized that the person was putting on a show. I have no show to put on; I am only myself. The years I’ve spent wandering this little corner of earth have taught me a great deal about honesty, and he seems to have learned the same lesson. It’s much better to act on your own conscience than one you’ve made up. Yes, in the end the responsibility, the good, the bad and the otherwise is all yours to bear, but who else bears the consequences of your actions?

At this point I have to make it clear that I am not talking about George. You see, I was definitely excited for our rematch at his bar. I wanted to see if he remembered me, or if the chemistry might still be there. George, as I suspected, didn’t recall our first encounter, but was flattered by my article about him. I should correct that his eyes are not blue, but brown. Instead, it was a message with no immediate meaning, which I’d sent on a dating site I so rarely use that sparked something I’d never imagined experiencing. His name is Timothy Howell, and he rocks my world.

Tim and I have been seeing each other for a little over a month. We’re taking it slow, inspiring each other to meet our goals, enjoying the little amazing moments life has to offer, talking about everything under the sun. I’ve had my doubts about dating; didn’t even know it could be this much fun, but here I am being all cheesy about it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Dating Diary segment focuses on the ups and downs of dating from the unique perspective of a single Indo-American. Sona Sanghvi, a young woman whose travels and experiences have molded her into a bold adventure-seeker, will provide us with a front row seat on her journey through the trials and tribulations of dating and maybe eventually marriage.

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