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Crazy Lady In the Mirror a Book Review

Crazy Lady In the Mirror a Book Review

While beach season is around the corner let’s take a look at some fun reading material. I happily came across ‘Crazy Lady In the Mirror‘ that seems perfectly apt for the beach with my friends. ‘Crazy Lady In the Mirror’ is insanely funny. This collection of essays is an easy read but at the same time very engaging, as the author makes interesting observations on life situations and relationships. The author has very humorously poked fun at some of the harsh truths of life leaving us with a chuckle as they are real and very honest.

The book was recently launched at a local Barnes and Nobles store in Houston, Texas where many gathered to catch a copy of the book and a glimpse of the author herself. At the launch it was very clear that author Madelyn Dolgoff Kamen at seventy, with her new release, set an example for many inspiring writers.

Ruchi Mukherjee sits down with the ‘Crazy Lady In the Mirror’ author Madelyn Dolgoff Kamen. Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to be a writer?

All sorts of things inspired and still inspire me. It could be something that upsets me, makes me angry, makes me happy, or feel silly. And it’s always been there.

Your inspiration for ‘Crazy Lady In the Mirror’?

A lot of people tell me I see the world differently than others. Some of them think that’s cool, others, not so much. Like maybe I am crazy.

Who do you think is the Crazy Lady In the Mirror and why do you think she is crazy?

Maybe it is “everyone” who has his or her own perspective or a new perspective of the world.

Who is your favorite author?

Tom Wolfe is my favorite, and Brad Meltzer. But I like a lot of short stories and essayists. Erma Bombeck, Judit Viorst, Norma Efron to name a few.

What are the challenges while getting a book published?

Every step is a challenge. Writing is just one of them, then there is getting it read. Getting someone to want it, posters and other advertising material, selling, and then seeing it all come together. So hang in there, the ultimate result is very rewarding.

What’s your next project?

I’m not sure. I am about one-third through with a new novel, have a series premier started. Whatever and whenever the ‘Muse’ joins me.

Madelyn D. Kamen is a freelance writer and founder of a document development and management consulting firm. Prior to establishing this company, she was an associate dean and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Madelyn’s poems, short stories, and essays have been published in local and national magazines.

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