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Fashionista of the Month | Reji Joseph

Fashionista of the Month | Reji Joseph

Several fashionably dressed women gathered at the recent Daya Annual Luncheon gala event in Sugarland, Texas where Houston’s Lifestyle Society Magazine Lights Camera Action got captivated by Reji Joseph as she strikes her pose in a Anita Dongri sari.

Reji Joseph is a very warm hearted lady with many talents. As we walked into her Sugarland home for a photo shoot the interiors of the house spoke a thousand words about her sense of style. The bold, sassy outspoken Fashionista of the Month – Reji Joseph shares her style mantra with Lights Camera Action.

Women have a weakness for shopping and admit it we all are suckers for some something. What’s your weakness?

I am not enticed by big fancy brand names, instead I like to create my very own style statement. There is nothing wrong with brand names I love them but I am drawn towards things that are unique in style and make a statement. Anything that is hand made or I feel can help women owned small businesses catch my eye. India’s fashion and talent is overwhelming. Confession: Jewelry is my biggest weakness. I adore my jade sets from Hong Kong, my diamonds from all over the US and Anmol from Mumbai.

Your shopping hot spots?

My favorite shopping places are Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin. I also get custom made saris and I am known for spending hours with the tailors designing the blouses.

What’s your style statement?

I am not a sucker for shoes or handbags but I adore my Indian outfits and sari of course is my absolute favorite. I love my collection from Satya Paul and each of my saris that I have picked from India have a character. My style statement is to step out of the house with a hint of India either be my necklace or a handwoven handbag from India or a scarf. I like to make that classic desi statement.

With a collection of saris from India it was hard to make Reji pick her favorite but she did have a soft corner for a Kerala pure kasav sari with silver and gold zari work. The lady is also a style guru for hubby Roy Joseph who very fondly describes her as classy and a minimalist.

By Ruchi Mukherjee
Photos by: Roy Abraham | Pentafour Photography (as per title)

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