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Top 5 Fashionable Moms in H-Town

Top 5 Fashionable Moms in H-Town

Mothers’ Day was yesterday and Houston’s Lifestyle Society Magazine Lights Camera Action picks the Top 5 Fashionable Hot Mamas in H-Town. After several sightings and social appearances it was very clear that Houston’s multicultural populace are very fashionable and this Mothers’ Day we could not resist but unleash Houston’s Top 5 Hot Mamas. These moms are not just fashionable but very dedicated with various community and charity driven activities and yet undoubtedly the Best Mom’s Ever.

Jacquie Chaumette: We all wonder how she does it all. Mayor Pro Tem of Sugar Land, Texas and Candidate for State Representative, HD 26. She is a proud mother of two very talented boys, she very efficiently manages home, career, politics and never fails to look sharp and very fashionable.

Sangeeta Pasrija: For most her life, she claims she had no style until her daughter expressed disappointment. Mother of two young adults Sangeeta Pasrija is a philanthropist, artist and a very loving mother. She is spotted at galas and luncheons very fashionably dressed in sexy saris and other western wear. Sangeeta’s artistic talent influences her mood in choosing clothes when dressing up. Never afraid to try any new and trendy outfits she does look the best in her saris at the gala parties. I try to stick with solid colors or small prints. “Having a trendy twenty-something daughter helps me a lot even though we have very different styles. Also my son, Kunal, is quite observant and always compliments when he sees a new hairstyle or likes an outfit,” she shares.

Mandy Kao: She is intelligent, simple, and compassionate but all in style. You will never find this supermom out of shape or in flats. She rocks her high power lifestyle in high heels. Mandy is an entrepreneur, socialite and a philanthropist who is involved with many charities such as Alliance For Multicultural Community Service, Asian American Family Service and many others.

Yasmine Haddad: She is probably the most glamorous Assistant Professor you have ever met who will be teaching Physiology, Biomedical Sciences, and Clinical Dentistry at UT school of Dentistry. As a mother she is very dedicated to her duties as a mother as she believes that all the fun and parties are fine but at the same time she does not want to miss out on spending quality time with her children.

Sneha Merchant: At this moment is all set to make headlines as she participates as a dancing star for the Asian/ Pacific American Heritage Association (APAHA) 20th Anniversary Gala Dancing With The Stars 2. This only twenty something mama is a proud mom of two year old Zaryan, is a head turner, very chic and a true fashionista.


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