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Fab India Debuts and Mixed Emotions

Fab India Debuts and Mixed Emotions

Talented young ladies gathered on a hot Saturday afternoon for a trunk show and launch of FabIndia in Houston. The soiree was hosted at the residence of Pooja Kharbanda on Bellaire Boulevard with tea, cakes and scones followed by a fashion show displaying India’s cotton collection of long tunics, silk scarfs, handmade clutches, skirts and more.

FabIndia is an ethical clothing retailer with traditional cotton and silk tailored outfits that have received a very positive feedback in India and everyone in Houston seems to welcome the merchandise. “They find the clothes to be different from what we normally get here,” says Pooja. “I have been a big fan of Fabindia and I feel since people all across the world have been exposed to Indian Curry and Indian culture, it was about time to introduce the world to high quality, hand-made, contemporary clothing displaying the craft and skills of the artisans from different parts of India,” she continues.

Pooja is firming plans to host another FabIndia exhibition in the near future, something more in a larger scale. Well this is definitely good news for desi fashionistas who feel that Houston lacks in high end Indian designer wear. FabIndia is more for casual wear and can easily be embraced by the main stream audiences.

A fine group of art lovers swayed at the Mixed Emotions Fine Art Gallery as Curator and exhibition host Jurate Kopecky had gathered original works from Lithuanian artist Vilijus Vaisvila, Bulgarian painter Ilian Rachov and Romanian-born Gina Pintilie. At the opening reception, guests enjoyed cocktails and light bites from Sorelle alongside the art on display with lively conversation in a very fashionable setting.

The event was very well organized with an impressive crowd admiring works of renowned artists, one that caught everyone’s eye was the lady in a blue dress by Versace artist Ilian Rachov. Along with enhancing the art scene with foreign artists Jurate’s main motive was to help Japan and bring awareness to the unexposed European and Latin American artists. Supporting the host were Riyad Abu Taha, Gabriella Tempestad, Roy Abraham, Raul C. Sanchez, Karina Barbieri and others.

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