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A Day with Chef Kiran at Central Market

A Day with Chef Kiran at Central Market

Lights Camera Action’s quest to find curry benefits and learn more about Indian cooking started off with Chef Kiran Verma of Kiran’s Restaurant and her shopping spree at Central Market. I have to say it was quite a challenge to keep up with the chef as she was running around looking for the freshest produce and the best cuts of meat. Our crew chased her down all the aisles snooping to find her secrets to make the best curry.

She started off with shopping for some fresh greens as she plans various menus. “I always plan the meat and then a healthy green side to go with it and Central Market is my favorite place for grocery shopping.” says Chef Kiran.

Her plans to make lamb shank, aloo methi (potato with Fenugreek) and bindi masal (spicy okra) left us curry starved. The one thing she always looks to buy at Central Market or should I say she would never leave the store without is her spices – Saffron or turmeric, paprika, cumin and others. The best part, you can spice up your dish without adding calories.

Watch our shopping spree at Central Market with Chef Kiran Verma.

Video Editing By Sandeep Khandelwal

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