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The Perfect Launch – Curry Digest Series with Street Foods of India

The Perfect Launch – Curry Digest Series with Street Foods of India

It was a perfect evening for Indian street food and chai as the weather reminded everyone of Mumbai’s monsoons as guests gathered at the Kiran’s Restaurant for the launch of Houston’s South Asian Lifestyle Society Magazine, Lights Camera Action’s Curry Digest, a series by the digital magazine’s founder and editor, Ruchi Mukherjee, in which she will immerse viewers in Indian cuisine.

A kick start to the cool weather with some spice in our life as the series will be an informative segment taking everyone on a journey to India’s diverse kitchen. Indian cuisine is not just limited to chicken tikka masala, samosas or saag paneer. It’s cuisine is as rich as its culture.

The Curry Digest Series will talk about various types of Indian food, spices, restaurants and try to help solve the dilemma ‘What to order when I am at Hillcroft?‘. We will help you tell us your favorite Indian street food spots, biryani, chicken curries and so on. We will interview foodies, prominent Indian Americans and dig out secrets and tips to help guide you into the curry land. We will let you know whether ‘It’s Hot or Not‘. Medical studies have shown that curry has many health benefits so let’s get started with Curry Digest Series.

The launch of Curry Digest Series was successfully hosted by Chef Kiran Verma at her chic restaurant with a fabulous display of Street Foods of India, heena tattoos, Bollywood chic attire and Dhol beats. Guests were mesmerized by the elaborate spread of street food such as pani pooris, pav bhaji, gulab jamuns, samosas, lamb kababs, gazar ka halwa and the list can go on.

The event was also to celebrate Houston’s Metro Cooking Show and undoubtedly Lights Camera Action’s Curry Digest Series launch was the talk of the town as ABC 13 featured them for the Hometown segment show providing Kirans’ the perfect spotlight for her culinary expertise. Amongst the media celebrities were FOX Anchor Rita Garcia, Culturemap’s Food Writers Sarah Rufca, Devon Hatchett, Alvin Wright, Channel 2 producer Amber Wills, and many others.

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  2. I have been to India personally and thus I can guarantee you about the fact that they street food over there is top notch. It might not be visually pleasing but sure to make you drool and have a happy network channel guide


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