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High Tea Fashionista of the Day – June B. Xu

High Tea Fashionista of the Day – June B. Xu

As a lot of fashionable ladies gathered at the High Tea for a Cause last Sunday afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel Downtown to support the Connie Kwan-Wong Foundation, Lights Camera Action, Houston Society News, spotted June B. Xu as the ‘Fashionista of the Day‘. June had her own unique sense of style and looked very cute as she assembled her outfit very thoughtfully for the tea party.

A make-up artist by profession, June specializes in bridal and editorial makeup. “Most of my clients are bourgeoisie, middle class and professionals, and so I try my best to showcase my work and sense of style. Thus, I am very conscious when I am selecting the suitable outfit for various occasions,” says Xu.

What appealed to Lights Camera Action about June was her poised, sophisticated yet humble persona. It was not all about designer outfits from June. She was wearing an INC pink tweed jacket with a black and white skirt, which she purchased several years ago from Hong Kong. Her hair piece was a prize from Trashy Bow Couture. “I decided to wear pink with a hint of beige for two reasons:

  1. October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month;
  2. High Tea for a Cause is a dedicated charity event for children. Thus, I wanted to look more cheerful and choosing a warmer color will just do it,” shares June with a smile.

Tell us about your favorite designers.

My favorite designer is Christian Dior. I have always been fascinated by his passion and design. His love toward flowers also translated onto his designs. Love his signature design, the “New Look”, which marked a significant milestone in fashion history and continues to influence modern fashion nowadays. Of course, I also favor our local designer, Janean Johnson from JaJo Couture. She is a very talented individual with a sense of humor and passion, which gets embedded in her designs.

Tell us about some of your favorite pieces in your closet.

My favorite items in my closet are my scarfs. I am popularly known as ‘that makeup artist with a scarf’. Scarves are my Must-Haves as they change the mood of an outfit and add colors in a black and white life.

My style: Modern, Chic with a hint of romantic, vintage and femininity.

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