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Profile of the Month | Hanh Tran

Profile of the Month | Hanh Tran

She is funny, she is stylish and you cannot forget her black Chanel glasses. Hanh Tran is the seventh and youngest child of Vietnamese-Chinese immigrants, this Houstonian artist’s work with oil on canvas is based on self-study of the human form, nature, culture and emotion. “Art provides respite and renewal for most people,” says Hanh. “Painting, creating and sharing provide quiet comfort and establish a meaningful sense of community.” she adds.

Tucked in her cozy West Avenue studio apartment, Hanh Tran at present is immersed with her latest clutch collection. Lights Camera Action Host Ruchi Mukherjee settled down for an intimate conversation amidst a lot of her artwork.

Tell us what inspires you to paint?

The people I meet, the environment that I’m in, and my personal day to day life.

In Houston what are your fond gallery moments?

My visit to the Holocaust Museum. There was so much history and amazing art that represents all the people who had perished during the Holocaust. Till this day, when I think about the Holocaust museum, the hair stands up on the arms.

What instigated you to have your own clutch collection?

It started when I couldn’t find any nice evening clutches that I wanted to carry. Then I thought to myself, why not just paint one. Then one started into two and all the colors came into play. So I decided to paint on a canvas clutch and the rest is history. Now my hand bags come in an array of different colors and styles called: Hanh Bag. Each canvas clutch is hand-painted and inspired by abstract and post-modern impressionist pieces from my, as well as new original pieces inspired by nature, art and fashion.

You are involved with many charities and good work and recently you were spotted painting with the Mayor of Houston. Tell us about it.

I was pleasantly surprised. I have never had an one on one time with our Mayor Annise Parker, let alone getting to paint with her so I was pretty nervous at first. Before we started to paint, we got a chance to sit down and talk about our interests, it was nice getting to know Mayor Parker. She has never painted oil on canvas before, but she is so talented and learned very quickly. It was a fun day considering that this painting is going to benefit MOCAH.

What should we look forward to in your columns as a guest art writer for Lights Camera Action?

My column will be from the perspective of my personal life as an artist, going to explore the art museums and all the fabulous art events that Houston has to offer. I will discuss about what I see and learn from the heart that sometimes the eyes may overlook.

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