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Asia Society Texas Center

Asia Society Texas Center

Paint The Town With Hanh Tran

Lounge that looks out over the second-floor Elkins Foundation Water Garden

My visit to the Asia Society Texas Center last month was profoundly breathtaking. It is nestled on the corner of Southmore Blvd and Austin St in the Museum district. The center opened its doors in April of 2012. The eco-friendly building is a piece of artwork in itself. As you walk in to your right, you are greeted by a tantalizing black spider titled “Cabinet of Craving” by Mil Chang. Details of fossils are meticulously placed in the granite used for the stairs and walls. To set the charm, the building has an infinity pool ceiling on the second floor as a water garden terrace for visitors to enjoy.

As I was walking through the museum, I find myself lost in the past of the Asian culture. There’s so much history and art, that one can only imagine what it was like for the artist at the time to create beautiful pieces. As an artist, there are certain thought processes that I go through, but the common thread that we all have is our own individual creative minds that create the work without duplication or compromise. As I was walking through, I saw the most beautiful and simple statue garden that speaks complication and complexity. The garden had three elements: Pebbles to cover the grounds, a big plate, and a big rock. The plate was positioned in a way that it was winking at the rock. It shows the transition of time and how they communicate to one another. A very simple message in a complicated world.

If you have not visited the Asia Society Texas Center, I recommend you do so. It’s a peaceful place where you can finally hear yourself breathe….

By Hanh Tran


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