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Smashburger and Beer Pairings!

Smashburger and Beer Pairings!

What’s better than a Smashburger? A Smashburger with beer! Lights Camera Action was on the scene again with our favorite eatery as they rolled out a new sample of beer pairings to wash down those delicious burgers.

Now admittedly I’m not a big beer fan, I’d sooner reach for a moscato than a Miller, but Smashburger didn’t just pick any old beer. They selected a variety of St. Arnold’s brews with complex flavor profiles to compliment specific ingredients in their food.

The first two burgers set the pace. The meaty Mushroom Swiss Burger combined with a dark malt Saint Arnold Santo was the best of two very bold flavors. Following that up was the Avocado Club and the Weedwacker. Saint Arnold’s claims the beer has tons of banana and clove, but I was too involved with my affair with avocado to pay it any mind.

Round two, and I’m struggling at this point, started off with my favorite Spicy Baja burger, again paired with the Weedwacker. And once again I’ll have to take the word of the brewmasters on the banana and clove thing. It did cool off the spicy jalapeños though! Finally I mustered what space I had left in my stomach and made room for the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Elissa IPA. My mouth was on fire from the Frank’s RedHot sauce and the IPA hit the spot.

After what had to be more beer than I generally drink in a year and pounds of meat, I came away bloated but satisfied. I was impressed with not only the selection, but the thought that went into selecting the proper pairings. Would I still rather have wine over beer? Yes, but I can enjoy the occasional beer. Smashburger might want to try a wine pairing in the future and I’m sure the demographic exists to make it a profitable venture. The burgers were, as always, incredible. I’d like to see their take on a mushroom or tofu burger in the future. With many of my friends being vegetarian, it’s a solid option on any menu.

Now excuse me as I sleep off this wonderful meal…..

Input By Sandeep Khandelwal

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