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Spring Delight With Latin Bites

Spring Delight With Latin Bites

Spring is in full swing and restaurants across Houston are rolling out new menus for the season. One of LCA’s favorites is Latin Bites, who previewed for us a fresh selection, with some new dishes based around the key ingredient, quinoa. A staple of the ancient Incan diet, quinoa has become a favorite again amongst health conscience foodies.

Our tasting at Latin Bites was a series of small plates and soups, with a variety of fresh juices from popular Peruvian fruits interspersed throughout. From guava and mandarin to passion fruit and kiwi, almost every dish had a fruit component, which served as an excellent pallet cleanser between bites.

The quinoa was highlighted in a few dishes including our favorite quinoa salad, which was served pan toasted in small lettuce wraps. The smoky, earthy quality of the quinoa was a perfect compliment to the crisp lettuce.

Our absolute favorite dish, hands down, was the traditional Papa a la Huancaina, golden potatoes served with aji amarillo huancaina sauce. The only thing that outdid the amazing taste of this appetizer was the presentation. In what’s becoming a Latin Bite signature style, it was served to us on a piece of slate. Very beautiful, elegant, and whimsical. That attention to detail adds to the experience as a whole and is one of the reasons we keep coming back.

Latin Bites is evolving. After having eaten here a few times, I can literally taste the difference in some of their dishes. It’s becoming more flavorful and the presentations more unique. They are not afraid to use spices and it really shows in the character of their food. My mouth was watering AFTER having that huancaina sauce.

The restaurant is also expanding their options by adding a Ladies Night, Wine Days, and a Steak Night, something for everyone. We highly recommend you stop by for a bite.

Photos and Story By Sandeep Khandelwal

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