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When Houston beauty Miriam Habib declares she is having a baby then Houston’s who’s who gather to celebrate. With an intimate group of friends and family, mama Sue Habib celebrated this happy news and daughter Miriam was glowing as ever. Both mother and daughter are very proud owners of Houston’s renowned floral boutique Lexis Florist in Highland Village. Miriam has also been very active in supporting many charities, at present she is enjoying and preparing for motherhood.

While she is due in just a month, Miriam was very excited to share her blue bow shaped pin that she was flaunting. “The pin says it all. It’s a boy and that I am pregnant. I am so glad that my good friend Dominique along with her husband Nick created this pregnancy pin,” says Miriam.

Also present at her baby shower celebration was KPRC anchor Dominique Sachse Florescu and her husband, Nick Florescu, president of Centrade, who both created the Due in a Few pin to celebrate baby bumps and help March of Dimes. “Nick and I feel that a child is the ultimate gift,” Sachse said. Many times we have wanted to congratulate a woman for her pregnancy but felt unsure, so the pregnancy pin is a proud symbol for the to-be mom to show the world she deserves care and courtesy.

The pins come in three different colors: pink, blue and white. Pink and blue for girl and boy, white for those who choose not to know the sex of the baby. After a lot of brainstorming this lovely couple decided on the bow as it wraps like a gift and the drop down heart signifies mother’s love. To find out more visit

Story posted on June 17, 2013 @ 5:18 pm
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