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Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar Experience

Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar Experience

Foodie fans rejoice! Lights Camera Action has found THE place for oysters and burgers. The Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar has been around for some time, but why this Heights treasure managed to elude us for so long is a crime, and the appropriate LCA staff will be severely punished for their oversight.

Ok, lets get to it. Oysters are a staff favorite, but whatever in the hell we’ve been eating up to now must have been at the bottom of the bucket. Though we appreciate the chain restaurant, “Happy Hour” dozen oysters for about $5, but the saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true. Liberty came out swinging with a dozen of their least expensive and standard, homegrown, Gulf Oysters, but we were blown away by the size and taste. These things were huge, and I mean at least double the size of happy hour oysters. The taste was mind blowing fantastic, so briny and sharp, I just couldn’t believe what I was eating! Frankly speaking, these were enough for me, but I had to try the several other varieties from the Northeast and West Coasts. Each had a different flavor profile and level of saltiness, but I found myself constantly drawn back to the Gulf standard. I could not get enough. Readers, do yourself a favor, and go try these. You will not be disappointed.

We did try a few other dishes including a hearty Mac and Cheese, an unbelievable Sake Hawaii Big-Eye Tuna Poke, Jumbo Shrimp, and Deviled Eggs with Deviled Fried Oysters. Each was done to perfection and portion sizes were “Texas” generous. The Bread Pudding was rich and delicious.

After finishing our meal (or what we could of it), we realized we had only tried the “Surf” portion of the menu. The burgers are reportedly out of this world, but we were beyond stuffed at the end. There is one item on the menu we wanted to try called the Jungle Gorilla Burger Bowl, that contains everything from burger to fries to a fried egg. Alas we will have to save it for our next trip, and we will definitely be going back for seconds!

Chef Travis Lenig, was a great host. His pride in his food and staff was evident in the quality of his dishes. His skills in the kitchen are trumped only by his generosity and charm.

By Sandeep Khandelwal

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