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Profile of the Month | Freddy Goerges

Profile of the Month | Freddy Goerges

While many are obsessed with The Great Gatsby, then why not host a Gatsby themed soiree? Well your wish is Freddy’s command, so get your outfit ready for the much talked about event – Gatsby Soiree hosted by Houston Young Professionals and Fashion Houston. Houston Young Professionals host fun filled mixers every month with the notion to have a great fashionable time with lots of networking amongst a very talented group of young individuals of HTown.

Fred Goerges - Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald

Fred Goerges – Photo by Melissa Fitzgerald

Talking about professional mixers, the one person that is the driving force for such events and organizations is Freddy Goerges, the President & Founder of Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce. Working full time as the Corporate and Community manager for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, it is his responsibility to find ways for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic to be a part of the Community, Businesses and Organizations in and around Houston. In doing so, Freddy helps manage over 300 events; he is also involved with many Chambers of Commerce, Non-Profits and Employer groups. The biggest part of his job is to keep constant contact and build relationships with decision makers and executives. His job requires him to network and connect people and businesses together, and in return, they advocate for him and what he does.

Lifestyle Editor Ruchi Mukherjee sat down for a quick conversation with this busybody.

You are the President/Founder of Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce. What inspired you to start the organization and tell us more about it.

Why I started HYP Chamber of Commerce is a question I always get asked along with “how do you have the energy”. But to explain why I started HYP CC, I need to share with you who I am and the journey I have traveled.

I grew up shy and was always afraid to start a conversation. I didn’t know how to network or organize, but what I found out was that for the most part, so is everyone else.

Most people would rather play it safe and not take risk or chase their dreams. I was dreaming of a new me, a new me that would take a risk on the one person that matters the most and that was “me”. I started challenging myself to talk to more people and to listen to what they were saying, thinking or feeling. I realized that I have a “better me” and that we all have this “best” in them. That we are able to bring out this “best” at will.

I found that the more I was passionate, happy and excited about what I was doing; others wanted to be a part of that too.

I started Houston young Professionals Chamber of Commerce to give the young professionals in Houston a place where they can be encouraged to meet new friends, advocate for each other and give of their time and back to the community.

Houston Young Professionals is an outlet for organizing what I was missing in other organizations that I belong to personally and professionally. I wanted something for young professionals by young professionals. But more than that, I wanted to be the change that I saw in me and I wanted to share and show others how they too can be that positive change.

What is your idea about success and a successful young professional?

Success is measured in many ways. It can be measured by self growth, spiritual, money, friends and the list goes on. Success for me is when you have made an impact on your community or even on an individual. If you have inspired a better change on the way things are done or even a better way of thinking. For me, it is important to give to and help others. When everyone around you is successful, you are truly blessed. When you help others realize their dreams, your success will come in ways you cannot expect or dream of.

Your thoughts about the young leaders of Houston today?

Houston has many great young professionals who are leaders and givers in the community. It is this spirit that makes Houston the best city in the US.

Lights Camera Action is so excited to feature the upcoming Gatsby Soiree hosted by the Houston Young Professionals and Fashion Houston. Tell us about the event.

The Gatsby Soiree is a mixer of culture and fun. It is a theme event that will create an atmosphere once lost but we will go back in time, back to the roaring 20’s. So I encourage everyone to come dressed as we will spot the best dressed gal and gent.

You are involved with so many charities. How do you do it? (Haha!) and what inspires you?

This is the 2nd question I always get, “How do I have the energy?” I am not 100% sure how I do it. I have a lot of passion and strong desires. When your goal and drive is to help others and give of yourself, I think that you have to give thanks to a higher power. When you ask just for yourself, you will get very little, but when you ask “How can I give more?” the flood gates open and you are given the right tools at the right time to give your best.

Gatsby Soiree

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