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Fashionista of the Month | Magen Pastor

Fashionista of the Month | Magen Pastor

Recently spotted hosting a sexy vintage white hot party at the White Linen Night in the Heights, Magen Pastor is no ordinary fashion blogger. Mother of twin girls, she is a fashionista, an image consultant, and a top fashion blogger. She is spotted looking very chic at many events, while also supporting several charities.

Fashionista of the Month - Magen Pastor (2)She writes about her life with her twins, every day tidbits, and fashion events. A passionate photographer, she is also the brand Ambassador for LilahGabriel, Magen Pastor sat down with Lifestyle Fashion Editor Ruchi Mukherjee, to tell us about her style secrets.

You are known as a Fashion blogger, how would you describe your passion for fashion?

More of a Lifestyle Blogger – which covers Everything! I love to post pictures about where I’m going, whether it’s in Houston, LA or anywhere else I’m traveling. I love working with brands as much as possible when I’m not hosting or producing an event.

As a mother of twin girls, what is your style statement?

It’s important not to lose your personal style when you have kids. I think my red hair is my style statement, unique and casual wear is what I live in. When I go to events I have been really drawn to wearing midi length styled dresses, think they are beautiful, very classy but close fitted and sexy. I love flat boots for the Fall and for the Summer I prefer wedges over flats. Shoes change the whole feel of a basic outfit!

So many brands so may choices, how should one decide and what are your favorite brands?

Pick the fit that works best for you, it doesn’t matter what brand or price, something you feel sexy and confident in. I love I live in SixTwenty t-shirts, oh there are so many I can’t even list them all. I’m a single mom to twins so I keep it pretty reasonable and try to find something great under a budget.

People often wonder what is stylish, so tips from the fashion blogger would be helpful.

For summer I love printed shorts, cigarette length pants and flowy loose style tops with a bunch of necklaces.

To follow her blog and know more about Magen Pastor visit

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