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The Show Must Go On… Bollywood Dance Enthralls All Ages!

The Show Must Go On… Bollywood Dance Enthralls All Ages!

Texas is crazy for Bollywood rings true as almost 900 people gathered to enjoy Bollywood Dance School NAACH‘s first independent production, “The Show Must Go On” on August 22, 2013 at the Stafford Civic Center in Sugarland, Texas.

“The show is a celebration of life with a strong Bollywood influence. In the past 100 years, Bollywood has come a long way, with different genres of dance & music permeating in Indian movies, similarly, “The Show Must Go On” reflects a parallel growth that encompasses diverse dance styles, grounded in the genre of Bollywood Musical Theater,” says Mahesh Mahbubani, founder of the Bollywood Dance School NAACH.

Every attempt was made to keep the audience absolutely glued to their seats for a little over 2 hours. From Madhubala to Madhuri Dixit, the organizers succeeded in keeping the audience tapping their feet. Outrageous dance numbers, brightly colored costumes, catchy music, were some of the highlights, creating the excitement was the mega surprise. The auditorium was overjoyed to witness Houston’s well known Indian American couples playing Bollywood stars and dancing on the stage. The dancing couples were: Vijay and Vinod Bhuchar, Sunil and Sandhya Thakkar, Sonal and Subodh Bhuchar, Chetan and Shefali Jhaveri. Each one did their best dancing to classic Bollywood tunes from the 50s to Shammi Kapoor’s classic “Badan Pe Sitare” performed by Sunil and Sandhya. However, Vijay and Vinod stole the show with their elegance and poise, leaving the audience applauding for more.

Show curator Mahesh Mahbubani was overjoyed to see the support and the attendance at the show. “A lady called me and said that she was mesmerized by the show,” says Mahesh. “My attempt was to bring the community closer, where love and unity can exist despite all differences,” explains Mahbhubani.

Photo credits: Navin Mediwala and Chesley Charles Choudhury

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