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Ajay Weds Audra

Ajay Weds Audra

It was not just another lavish wedding, this time it was a big fat Indian wedding for renowned Houston entrepreneur, philanthropist, Swatantra Jain and Bimla Jain‘s son Dr. Ajay Jain. Like many immigrants, after establishing a flourishing career in the United States, Swatantra Jain got actively involved with various non-profit organizations in Houston. Swatantra is the founding member and Chairman of JVB Preksha Meditation Center, Houston and has served as the President of Pratham Houston Chapter, providing education to unprivileged children in India. Swatantra has been married to his wife Bimla for now over forty years and they are proud parents of two sons, Ajay and Manish.

The Wedding Story

Ajay Weds Audra (8)The stars in the heavens aligned in November as Ajay and Audra became one of Houston’s newest newlyweds. Ajay, son of prominent Indian-Americans Swatantra and Bimla Jain, and Audra, daughter of Teresa Brunner, celebrated their union in lavish traditional Indian style amongst friends and family at the Hilton Americas, Houston. The colorful ceremony was followed by an extravagant reception where the couple and guests danced the night away to Bollywood songs and American classics.

Lights Camera Action had the chance to sit and talk with the couple themselves and discovered how they met and why they fell in love.

Both admit it wasn’t love at first sight, but the attraction they felt when they first met, soon blossomed into romance. They understood that becoming best friends was the foundation of their relationship. Their mutual interests and the ability to communicate openly with one another overcame any obstacles in their path toward marriage.

She feels truly blessed to be part of a family that values tradition and giving back to the community.

The normal stress and chaos surrounding traditional Indian weddings was lessened by careful planning and help from family and friends. Swatantra and Bimla welcomed Audra openly into their family and treat her like their own daughter. She feels truly blessed to be part of a family that values tradition and giving back to the community.

The wedding had elements of Indian tradition mixed with modern traditions, a colorful celebration and grandeur embracing family values. There were three separate events for this grand wedding, over 100 coordinators worked behind the scenes to transform the rooms to make each theme come alive. “From a typical north Indian singing and dance night, to a traditional Indian wedding with a raised runway, to the grand finale complete with an 18 foot projection screen of the couple waving to the guests as they entered the room was coordinated smoothly by Therese Cole Hubbs from Electric Karma International. “I love Indian weddings not only for their beauty and creativity but for their family values,” adds Hubbs.

Looking forward to their lives together, Ajay and Audra believe that communication, compromise, unconditional love, and laughter will sustain them through their marriage.

Photo Credit: Raghu Thakkar Image N Motion Studio

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