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Fashionable Holiday Celebrations Embark on Love, Friendship and New Beginnings

Fashionable Holiday Celebrations Embark on Love, Friendship and New Beginnings

While December was swamped with holiday parties and glitter and glam, there was one party that stole everyone’s heart, Connie Wong‘s Holiday Celebration of Love and Friendship with celebrity fashion designer Gemma Kahng.

A philanthropist, fashionista and beautician Connie Wong is expecting her first baby in February. “All my friends mean so much to me and I will always keep them close to my heart. I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life and be with me while I am reaching my next destination – ‘to be a mom’. Thanks for all your love and support and I really appreciate it.,” she says. “Today, I am so happy that my good friend, Gemma is here with us today. She is one of my favorite fashion designers,” explains Connie.

Germma’s designs are very unique, edgy but also feminine. Along with being a very talented designer, Gemma is also very generous . “That’s what I like about her. She always finds ways to give back to the community and we were just talking about how we can help the innocent children,” informs Connie.

Guests were honored to have her there to share some fashion ideas while enjoying a delicious dinner. Gemma Kahng burst onto the fashion scene in the early 90’s and was an instant success. Her first collection was picked up by stores across the United States, acclaimed by fashion editors and featured in Vogue. She went on to open boutiques in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and has dressed celebrities from Madonna to Sharon Stone, PINK and Julia Roberts. Gemma pays homage to both classic and modern history and culture, incorporating rich legacies of style in her unique, beautiful collection.

Among her close friends enjoying the holiday season were: Mandy Kao, Tanaz Choudhury, Sneha Merchant, Reyne Hirsch, Hanh Tran, Josephine Firat, Melissa Chou Yan, June B Xu, and many others.

Photo Credit: Jenna Barrett with Anthem in Art

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  1. this is so true, and finding someone you all click with is amazing. I've been so lucky but I suppose at the same time we have to give ourselves some credit because you have to keep putting yourself out there which isn't easy either! X


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