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Fashionista of the Month | Naureen Malik

Fashionista of the Month | Naureen Malik

Naureen Malik is a caretaker by nature and you certainly will not guess that she is a mother of four kids. Naureen looks chic and and very stylish at various occasions and we could not resist but have her as our Fashionista of the Month.

She likes to have a healthy and active lifestyle and be around for people she cares. Currently Naureen is raising money for the National MS Society and training to ride the MS 150 this April. She is also a member of Run for a Reason Houston and a dedicated marathon runner. Malik has been involved with catholic charities and interfaith ministries and is also one of the members of the Houston Task Force, a group that assisted in the relocation of several Bosnian and Afghani refugee families in Houston.

Fashionista of the Month Naureen Malik (2)What’s Naureen’s style?

To be bold, find a statement piece and work around it. I like sharp sleek looks and I find that in designs by Gucci, Prada, Theory, and BCBG. My favorite designers are ones that make wearing clothes effortless. Once in a while when I want to wear something a little more bold I enjoy wearing Roberto Cavalli or Dolce and Gabbana.

You have four adorable kids! But I am sure its not easy but you make it look so amazing. How do you manage to keep up looking so fashionable at many social and charity events?

Having four kids it’s obvious that I love being surrounded by people. My family and friends support me in everything I do, they are the very essence of me. In having an active social life I have learned to always be prepared. I always keep different outfits laundered and accessorized in my closet for specific social settings. I have the party dress, the date night outfit and the girls lunch ensemble all ready to go if needed, that way I look forward to wearing it. It motivates me to be social even with such a large family.

Any tips to mothers out there who are struggling to take care of the family and look good?

Lots!!! The best tip I can give might seem a little selfish but it’s to put yourself first. I believe the key to being a good mother is to make sure you make time for your needs and in turn you will be more capable of fulfilling the needs of your children. As a mother when I feel content I am more relaxed and patient with my children.

What’s in your closet that you absolutely love?

I love shoes and clutches. Currently I am obsessed with Christian Louboutins and Alexander McQueen Clutches, although I feel I live in a classic Chanel bag. The one thing I love in my closet is my bronze Louis Vuitton purse which has a lot of sentimental meaning to it since it was one of the first presents my husband gave me.

What’s that one thing that is absolutely a must for fashionistas?

Confidence is a must! Confidence is sexy and feeling comfortable is important. I also personally believe that you can never look bad by being over dressed.

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