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Fashionista of the Month | Dr. Yasmine Haddad

Fashionista of the Month | Dr. Yasmine Haddad

Houston’s social scene is well aware that Yasmine Haddad is a fashionista, the lady who knows style and fashion is her passion. And this was reaffirmed by Jeff Shell, Founder of The Little Black Dress Designer Competition, as he unveiled the names of 10 stylish Houston women who will serve as muses for the young fashion designers in advance of this year’s contest, and surely enough one of them was Yasmine Haddad.

Yasmine Haddad (3)Mother of two, Yasmine has a PhD in Oral Cancer Molecular Biology from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center with a mission to help find a cure for the victims of oral cancer. She is very proud to be a team faculty member at the UT-School of Dentistry in Houston. “Our school is one of the best dental schools in the nation and it is located in the most modern building in the heart of the largest medical center in the world,” says Yasmine.

Through her research work and by organizing free oral cancer screenings for all members of the community, Dr. Haddad also supports UNICEF, Mandy Kao Foundation, and March of Dimes. Yasmine is spotted at many charity and society events dressed to impress.

Lights Camera Action Host Ruchi Mukherjee sat down with this fashionista to know more about her style and fashion.

What is your style mantra?

I like to be creative, personalized, elegant and most importantly glamorous at the same time.

What’s in your closet?

Italian Designers (chuckles). I Like Roberto Cavalli Valentino, and Emilio Pucci. There is something very unique about the Italian style: It is the perfect mix of the middle eastern love for glamor and European elegance. I was born in Poland and raised partially in Europe and partially in the Middle East, so the Italian style is the perfect expression of my rich cultural heritage.

The one thing I love in my closet is a Roberto Cavalli red dress and my hats by Gabriela Dror a very talented Houston based Millinery Designer.

Share some of your tips for a stylish wardrobe.

I personally think that the best way for professional women to keep up fashionably with the social scene is to do online shopping whenever the best deals are offered. This will allow the busy women to maintain a closet filled with outfits purchased at the best possible price that are ready to wear anytime. So whenever I receive an invitation to a function, I go to my closet and select from what fits my mood and style rather than going to a store and buying an outfit last minute and I am not in favor of paying the full price. I love to look for good deals. I find myself getting great deals at

Your absolute must haves?

The absolute must haves when it comes to fashion and beauty, I believe it is important to express your real self. One should know what makes you shine. Women must remember that this is their life so do not spend it constantly wearing what others approve of. There is no way to please everyone all the time anyway, so why should we spend this precious life expressing ourselves in a way that is centered around pleasing others all the time? My must have is to be myself!

Dr. Yasmine Haddad is undoubtedly Lights Camera Action’s Most Glamorous Fashionista, dauntlessly flaunting her unique style being every photographers muse, and lifestyle magazines cannot help but notice her.

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