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Fashionista of the Month | Breccia Demartini

Fashionista of the Month | Breccia Demartini

Her striking personality will intrigue you to know more about her. Currently studying Fashion Retail Management at The Art Institutes, Breccia Demartini displayed her design at the prestigious Neiman Marcus, Galleria in Houston Texas where Lights Camera Action Houston Society News hosted its 2nd Annual International Mothers’ Day Soiree. Emcee for the event, FOX 26 Morning Anchor/Reporter Rita Garcia wore a turquoise blue long evening gown designed by Breccia Demartini Fashion.

Breccia Demartini is the daughter of Dr. John Demartini, author, leadership and performance specialist, educator, business consultant and founder of the Demartini Institute.

Lights Camera Action Host/Lifestyle Editor, Ruchi Mukherjee sat down with this wide eyed, up and coming fashion designer, passionate about life and a fashion enthusiast, Breccia Demartini, at her favorite Drexel House in Highland Village.

Breccia Aurora Demartini (6)What is your style mantra?

My style mantra is to be authentic in what you wear. I wear my own style and never followed the trends but I have just always followed my intuition for fashion and style. I love to inspire others with what I wear. Every day is a fashion show in my world of Breccia. I Dress to Express!!!

I know who have spent a good amount of time in Australia. Tell us about your inspirations and your Australian influences.

Wow! Where do I begin for this question! Australia was a blessing in my life in many forms but my inspiration would have to be my step mother Athena and due to my drive to stand out I went to RMIT in Melbourne and learned so much about fashion. While I was living in Australia I did a lot of exploring and as a designer I feel my eyes are always designing. I cannot wait to bring what I have learned and what I already know about fashion culture and style to Houston and many places around the world.

What do you enjoy about learning fashion?

I am a stylist, personal shopper and the classes I’m taking are perfect for what I am trying to build as a fashion brand. Branding my last name Demartini is my goal to design for the everyday entrepreneur. I love all the classes I have taken so far because I can link them to what I am doing in the real world. My favorite class is brand development it has been so aligned with what I am wanting to build as a designer. I love school and my teachers, I learn from someone even if you think you already know. My journey as a designer has been very inspiring, I have worked backstage for NY Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia and Paris, and hosted a television show called “The Pathways to Paradise” live at the Couture Fashion Week in NYC in 2012 wearing one of my designs on the red carpet. I am building my own brand and hope to be on all the runways around the world.

What’s in your closet?

My closet is very colorful and I have a lot of pieces from all over the world, good finds, vintage, but I love my statement pieces that are unique. As a designer I am all about my fabrics I will not buy something if I do not like the fabric and the fit. I have a lot prints and love white. I am constantly creating designs and that’s my closet. It’s very creative.

Who are your role models and why?

My style role models are Miranda Kerr, Coco Chanel, Athena Star woman, just a few to mention who inspire me and that I look up to as a role model. They all have a different energy but the same message “be authentic in what you wear and you as a person will shine”. Coco Chanel has been an inspiration to me ever since I was a young girl and now I am fondly nicknamed ‘little coco channel’. I want Demartini to be timeless and bring a whole new confidence to the everyday woman.

What do you like about Houston?

Houston loves food and culture and I love that. Since I’ve moved back from Australia I have tried to go to all my favorite restaurants, being Italian I love food and Houston has so many to try from. I enjoy my Paleo and ambiance at the Corner Table, for sushi I will go to 400 Sage Sushi, Uptown Sushi or Uchi. Houston is such a diverse city and its rich culture is very inspiring.

Believing in her Dad’s teachings, Breccia values in making a good impression, and so she will never leave the house without being well put together. “I love getting up every morning, having my green drink, which is so important and putting myself together and taking on the world,” says Ms Demartini.


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