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Profile of the Month | Jonathan Sugai

Profile of the Month | Jonathan Sugai

Jonathan SugaiBorn and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jonathan Sugai is a Human Behavior Specialist and Consultant certified and trained by the Demartini Institute to facilitate its two signature methodologies, The Demartini Method® and The Values Factor®. His first visit to Houston was in April 2012 to attend seminars with the Demartini Institute which is a private research & education organization that specializes in Human Behavior & Leadership. Sugai loved the knowledge and kept coming back. It was in the fall of 2013 that he decided to move to Houston. Moving to Houston was a big leap since it was his first out of state move and a dramatic one from the small islands of Hawaii to the giant state of Texas.

During his frequent travels to Houston Jonathan started to develop clients through the seminars in helping other students apply and master the tools and knowledge taught by the Institute. It’s been inspiring to go out on his own and challenging at the same time. There has been a significant growth and demand in what he does. Lights Camera Action Houston Society News Host Ruchi Mukherjee met him at the Asia Society Tiger Ball and got very inspired with his talk, resulting in featuring him as the Profile of the Month. Ms Mukherjee sat down with Jonathan Sugai for a tête-à-tête.

Let’s talk about stretching the mind and Sugai Solutions. What does your company offer and why is it so important to you?

Sugai SolutionsAs Sugai Solutions, I call myself a Human Behavior Specialist and Consultant. The Demartini Method® developed by Dr. John Demartini, the founder of the Demartini Institute, is a tool with a 1000 uses with a series of questions that helps people to breakthrough any form of emotional stress and conflict. The Values Factor®, also developed by Dr. Demartini, is another set of tools that helps people find out what their values are and assists them in building an inspiring life based on what they love to do based on their highest values. Both of these tools have applications in overcoming and solving personal and professional challenges.

I would like to share a success story in Houston and it will explain why it is so important. The Founder/President of the company, Mila Golovine, hired me to help her entire Houston office to align themselves with the company’s 10 year vision of growing from a $17 million company to a $400 million company. I met Mila through the Demartini Institute’s seminars and she saw that I could help her apply what she had learned to help her company grow to the next level and be in alignment with her vision. We applied The Values Factor® exercises with all of her Houston employees and after we helped everyone get clear on their values we linked it to the company’s mission and vision. Mila was pleased with the results after seeing the employees working more efficiently and effectively and with less conflicts and bickering. Everyone in the company had a better understanding of themselves and saw more clearly how they could help the company achieve its goals and how the company’s mission and vision would help them achieve their goals. It was a win-win for Masterword just by applying the tools from The Values Factor®.

Can you share some tips from Sugai Solutions with our readers?

  1. A great way to start your day is to write down at least 10-20 things you are grateful for. Gratitude opens the heart, balances the mind, and opens yourself to new opportunities.
  2. Plan out your day by writing down the top 3-7 highest priority actions that will make the most difference in your personal or professional life. If any of them seem overwhelming, chunk it down do a simple task you can realistically complete that day and schedule the other steps for the rest of the week.
  3. Feeling distracted or overwhelmed? Write down everything that is on your mind in an itemized list. Try not to keep too many things on your mind, it is like having a computer with too many programs open, the computer slows down.
  4. If you’re feeling challenged by any person or situation, ask yourself “How is this challenge benefiting me, serving me, and helping me fulfill what I am dedicated to?” Initially you may not, but there are hidden benefits if you look. We grow most from challenges and sometimes we forget to look at the other side. Keep looking for benefits to every challenge. There are hidden jewels of creativity and solutions that come through if you ask and answer the questions.

What inspires you about Houston?

I love Houston’s cultural diversity. It reminds me of Hawaii’s. I also love the wide open spaces and big thinking that comes with the immense physical size of Texas. Coming from a smaller physical space in Hawaii, the openness and diversity are welcome.

How can people benefit from your workshop and get involved?

There is an upcoming workshop being hosted by the Demartini Institute that introduces people to The Values Facto®r and the Values Determination Process® that I utilize in my consultations.

The Value Determination Workshop June 26 at 6:30 PM @ JW Marriott

It will be facilitated by my colleague Alana Demartini who is Dr. John Demartini’s daughter who is a facilitator and also works for the Houston office.

For more information on Jonathan and Sugai Solutions please visit

Lights Camera Action is thrilled to soon host an evening with Jonathan Sugai, if you are looking for a solution to your problems and worries contact

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