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Fashionista of the Month | Connie Kwan Wong

Fashionista of the Month | Connie Kwan Wong

She looks very stylish in red, a philanthropist with a beautiful heart, a new mother, Connie Kwan Wong wants to bridge and connect to make a difference. An entrepreneur, pediatric cardiac sonographer, charity columnist, and philanthropist combining many endeavors with her passion for charitable work is Connie’s all time favorite.

Connie Kwan Wong in Gemma Kahng

Connie Kwan Wong in Gemma Kahng

A couple of years ago, she found a way to combine her two passions in life: beauty and charity. With her commitment to be a force for positive change in the world, Connie put her beliefs into action and created the CKW Collection and donates part of the company’s sales to charitable organizations. She also established the CKW Foundation to help with her charitable works, she strongly believes “giving is better than receiving.” “I want to strongly reinforce the concept that love the people around you and help the people who need you,” she explains.

Along with her philanthropic work, this new mother got right back into shape, working passionately on her CKW Crystal clutch collection. She is spotted at many galas, luncheons and other high profile events in some of the most unique outfits representing designers from all over the world. Lights Camera Action Houston Society News Lifestyle Feature Editor, Ruchi Mukherjee sat down with her to know more about her secrets to a healthy lifestyle and what’s in her fashionable closet.

First of all how did you so quickly manage to get back in shape after having your beautiful daughter Zoe just a few months back? Please share some tips with us.

Balancing your time can be very challenging but you still have to devote the time to things that are important. I was very active and managed to get back in shape as I did my regular walking exercises. We must cut down on sugar and limit carbohydrates. I always have my oatmeal and egg white in the morning that fills me up and gives me all the energy I need all day.

It is important to spend time with your friends, family, and work, and I suggest do something that will make you happy. This will make your life more productive and fulfilled. Appreciate every single day of your life. Not everyday is perfect, but a sunny day always comes after the rainy day. Also, if we have a strong desire to make a difference and impact the world to do something of real value that can motivate you to a higher level of achievement.

Tell us about your involvement with different charities.

I am very passionate about children and my mission is to serve and protect them. Since I established my own charitable foundation in 2012 and CKW Collection, I have very successfully raised and donated more than $100,000 for many reputable charitable organizations such as Children’s Defense Fund, Kids Meals, Houston Children’s Charity, Boys and Girls Harbor, and many others.

Now the question I have been waiting to ask. Your favorite designers and what’s in your closet?

I love the color red. It’s my lucky color and it looks good on me. I also love white. I feel its important to take some time and try outfits and see what is good for you, the shapes and cuts that suit you. I don’t follow trends but like to be well put together and stylish. My closet is full of very interesting designers, a few based in Houston, my love for hats and fascinators introduced me to local millinery designer Gabriela Dror. Her hats and fascinators truly bring out an elegance, and they are one of a kind with lavish colors and style.

My outfits: Gemma Kahng, her designs are unique and feminine but also edgy. Everything she makes are statement pieces and they are very intricate. I’ve got many compliments every time I wear her designs. Jose Sanchez is one of my favorite designers. He uses the finest quality of the leather and the color is amazing. Then there is Wes Gordon, his design are simple and luxurious. He uses the finest European fabrics and his cuttings are amazing. I have his metal skirt with swaoski crystal.

For evening gowns I like Sue Wong as her designs are timeless, glamorous and romantic. My closet is full of unique things. Jewelry by Joe Vilaiwan are pieces of artwork. Of course I love my Chanel handbags and I always feel I’d rather get a few classic pieces than shop for stuff constantly. Its quality over quantity always!

What’s Connie’s classic style?

Bright lipstick, always smile and I love my CKW Collection crystal clutch. I don’t go to a gala without a crystal clutch and I only wear my one of a kind clutches. A nice and unique clutch can really complete the look.

What advice would you give to some young ladies who are new to the social scene, or start up business, and new mothers?

Be persistent, hardworking, planning, meticulous, be positive and follow your dream. Don’t get discouraged by others and believe in yourself. A lot of time, people tell me it’s impossible to do something I want to do. I will analyze the situation and do my best to respect their opinion. However if I believe I can do something, I will go for it. This is a tough one for most people because it is not easy to let go of the need of others to like you, understand you, or approve of you. I don’t waste my time in gossip instead I work hard to put my dream into action.

With a smile and positive attitude Connie Kwan Wong is planning future trips to Turkey and Italy to get inspiration for her CKW Collection crystal clutches and is set to host her fun fashion charity event in September from which 100% of the proceeds will go to a charity.

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