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Galleria Max Mara Showcases Gabriela Dror Hats

Galleria Max Mara Showcases Gabriela Dror Hats

It’s a rare, but strong tradition for a woman to wear a beautiful and massive hat to formal functions. A tradition that the British monarchy still follows, where the royal women’s hats got as much attention as their outfits during the wedding ceremony of Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William. These hats are worn by the elite women during the Kentucky Derby influencing articles written for NBC titled, “At the Kentucky Derby, Big Hats mean Big Bucks.”

But nothing can compete with the exquisite hats of Houston designer Gabriela Dror, that were recently showcased at the Max Mara boutique at Houston’s Galleria. Dror’s hats bring elegance to the southern belle style with sophisticated designs and lush materials that add the right finishing touch to a woman’s outfit.

The Gabriela Dror hats showcased ranged from clever designs of an open oyster with a lovely pearl shape to bold reds or canary yellows. Chic and simple styles were also available, simple white in a classic design, as well as a beautiful and loose beach style hat. The polished guests of the events were able to purchase a hat of their preference, often it was love at first sight, and each hat was wrapped and stored in a beautiful circular box, perfect for a gift to a mother, sister, or friend.

I was hesitant to where these hats could be worn, but a guest reassured me they could be worn during Sunday mass, at a polo match or any formal function. It’s a tradition that should be brought back and the boldness of a woman’s hat speaks volumes of her sense of style, elegance, and grace.

Guests were also able to see the Max Mara autumn collection in the boutique with the notorious minimalist luxe style Max Mara is famous for. Themes of rich bordeaux and emerald colors graced the autumn wardrobe with the usual beiges, whites, and blacks. Vanessa Garcia, the brand’s representative, stated that the faux fur collars with intricate brown chains and the petite belt purse are all trends for the Fall. It adds sophistication to the lavish cashmere coats.

Spotted at this hats off affair were: Arefa Virani Merchant, Varda Yerouham Dror, Lora Chivers, Charlene Philips, Jennifer Simmons and Steve Mermelstein, Miya Shay, Victoria Ai Linh, Vivian Yeh, and many others.

Special input by Catalina Campos

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