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Spice Up Your Chocolates

Spice Up Your Chocolates

By Natasha Naik

Sugar, spice and everything nice is exactly what you will find at Araya Artisan Chocolates. From chipotle infused chocolates to pumpkin spice truffles, this place has got it all. This family owned business will greet you with a smile and offer decadent treats, as well as chocolate parties (everyone’s favorite kind of party!), samplings for corporate events and chocolate and wine pairings.

Three locations in the Houston area offer a variety of 36 different hand-crafted chocolates, as well as French macroons, mashmellows, chocolate pops and more. Each flavor is unique and delicious. Some of the most popular flavors include key lime, pink salt, margarita, ginger, and strawberry balsamic. Here is the best news about these delightful treats – not only are they easy on your wallet, they are easy on your waistline too! Products from Araya range from 25 – 60 calories.

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Co-owners are sisters Carla Susi and Sylvana Sus, they have turned these little stores into a place of indulgence and do a fantastic job of bringing the tastes and spices of Latin America here to Houston. The inspiration for their best selling pink salt chocolate and their name comes from the salt produced in Araya, Venezuela. The salt there has a unique taste, and these sisters have found a way to bring the same experience here.

With the holidays on the way, Araya also offers seasonal treats. Right now they have a pumpkin spice chocolate and are selling chocolate pumpkins. This place is a chocolate covered gem, and definitely worth trying out. For more information visit

Natasha-NaikNatasha Naik is currently a student at University of Houston studying public relations with a passion for charity. She has recently completed a missions trip in Haiti, working with the missionaries of charity. She also loves to travel along with her other hobbies like cooking, music, and trying hands on fashion.

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