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Profile of the Month | Ayad – Ayad At Art

Profile of the Month | Ayad – Ayad At Art

This holiday season we are spreading love and joy by bringing to you profiles of people that make a difference with their creativity.

Ayad at Art12With bold colors and soft lines, the interesting life of Ayad is expressed through abstract art. He started in his home country, Iraq, and since has displayed his art in various countries, including right here in the States. Though he had a humble beginning, displaying his paintings on the streets of Baghdad, today you can find his pieces in the Houston area, as well as other states across the country. Lights Camera Action caught up with Ayad at Beans Cafe Coffee House on Eldridge where his artwork is displayed.

Creativity has been flowing through his veins since childhood. He is not the first in his family to have been blessed with the artsy gene. He credits much of his success to his uncle, a well known musician in Iraq. With his support along with the rest of his family’s, Ayad has studied in several art schools in both Iraq and in the States.

“Through approach of the abstract and the figurative, my work exhibits the essence of the subject. Through color and activity, my work defines the emotive quality of painting. Incorporating design and cultural identification, I reveal the pains and pleasures of my native country along with my new country ’tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty,” says Ayad.

I reveal the pains and pleasures of my native country along with my new country

As with all artists, Ayad hopes to send a message with his beautiful works. Many of his pieces depict the idea of “departure” or “leaving chaos and entering peace”. Ayad paints what he knows, and the concepts of struggle and triumph are all too familiar with him. Growing up in a place as dangerous as it is beautiful had a profound effect on Ayad and this can be seen in his works.

Though he was forced to leave his country for the sake of safety, his life in Iraq has made a lasting impression on him and it is reflected in his work. Ayad embraces his new country and loves America like his own. The concepts of liberty and freedom are often subjects in his works and he continues to bring together his old life and his new one in his works of art.

Ayad is planning to host several art events for the New Year and support many charities.

Inputs By: Natasha Naik

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