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ABC 13’s Women of Distinction 2015 Walked with Sophistication and Poise for a Night on the Nile

ABC 13’s Women of Distinction 2015 Walked with Sophistication and Poise for a Night on the Nile

Ruchi-Mukherjee-BW22015 Winter Ball Chairs Patti Murphy and Elizabeth Stein with honorary chairs Terrie and Mike Turner hosted a glamorous evening: A Night On the Nile themed ABC 13 Women of Distinction benefiting Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America on Saturday at the Hilton Americas Hotel. I have often referred to the Women of Distinction Winter Ball as our very own Oscar evening as women are spotted in lavish gowns celebrating a very noble cause.

ABC-13, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Greater Houston were proud to recognize women who are making a difference in our community through their charity work and tireless volunteerism. ABC-13’s Women of Distinction Presented By Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Greater Houston, have been honoring select Houston women since 1988 at a Winter Ball.

Winter Ball 2015 (2)The 2015 Winter Ball was a night that magically swept away attendees to another time and place with pyramids and Queens and Kings dancing in the backdrop. “A time that reminds us of powerful women in history, and their contributions to the societies they resided in. The honor of being a Woman of Distinction is one the ladies will cherish for a lifetime,” explains Patti Murphy. The Egyptian themed gala was an incredible journey from the start, with bare chested Pharaoh’s Guards greeting guests, Anthony and Cleopatra mingling and even a snake charmer in the market place pre-event reception. As the high energy crowd moved to their tables, guests entered to see camels walking across the desert in front of the pyramids on the screens. Images changed throughout the night keeping the attendees wrapped in the allure of the event.

Houston is genuinely blessed to have the support of so many hardworking and charitable people. As as the emcee for the evening Art Rascon said, one thing that is common in all these Women of Distinction is their tireless efforts towards various charities making Houston a better place. The 2015 Women of Distinction are: Carol Beck, Suzan Deison, Lesha Elsenbrook, Gayla Gardner, Leisa Holland Nelson, Carol Linn, Kim Moody, Susan Osterberg, Cynthia Petrello, and Roberta Schwartz. Queen of Nile was Pat Breen and Ambassador Trini Mendenhall. Also honored during the program were over 50 ladies who were former Women of Distinction from the past 27 years, all of whom continue to do good works in Houston. Youth Ambassador Nathan Miller shared his journey with Crohn’s disease demonstrating the importance of the funds raised at the event and generated a standing ovation from the crowd.

More than 640 elite guests attended the evening, this gala has been the talk of every society diary right from the time the ladies are announced. For many years it has maintained its charm and glamour and sophistication raising close to $900,000, a new record for the event. The 2015 Winter Ball certainly was a night to remember.

Amongst the notable guests were: Linda and Jerry Fields, Claudia and Jan Rask, Janet and Tom Behanick, Kristina and Paul Somerville, Cora Sue and Harry Mach, Nancy and Jack Dinerstein, Caroline and Gary Kenney, Weezy and Bobby Dees, Adrienne and Charles Lyons, Vanessa and Perry Sendukas, Lisa and Jerry Simon, Alicia and Lance Smith, Cyndy Garza and Thomas Roberts, Kat Kearns, Doe and Henry Florsheim, Winell and Doug Herron, Nancy and Hans Strohmer, Bobbie and John Nau, Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black.

Photo credit: Kim Coffman

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