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Houstonians KNOWAutism

Houstonians KNOWAutism

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disease in the States. It affects 1 in 62 children and 1 in 42 boys. With such numbers, its comforting to know there are people out there working tirelessly to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of those coping.

The clever play of words used in the name (KNOWAutism – learn about autism, and NO autism – eradicate the disease) tells the world what the two goals of the organization are.

David Peck, Perri Kay Palermo, Sippi Khurana and Tammy Tran Nguyen

David Peck, Perri Kay Palermo, Sippi Khurana and Tammy Tran Nguyen

KNOWAutsim was founded in April 2013 by Tammy Tran Nguyen, and in a short amount of time has made tremendous progress. The Stewart Center is a new center hat helps diagnose children and help families, its launch was facilitated by KNOWAutism. They also had a hand in building the Light and Special Needs Caring Center which has greatly benefited the Asian community.

All this hard work has not gone unnoticed, this up and coming organization has already received recognition from our own mayor, Annise Parker, Congressman Al Green and State Representative Gene Wu.

Tammy, the founder, credits her foundations quick success to the amazing support the community has given. Autism is a disease that moves fast, but it seems Tammy is catching up, and will certainly one day surpass it.

Next for the organization is an Inaugural Gala to take place on February 12, 2015. Tickets can be purchased and donations can be made at

What truly makes this organization special is that it not only caters to Houstonians, it uses Houston’s own to make change happen. Houston is an incredible city, and every resource one could need is right here, from stunning venues, to talented people. Tammy hopes to promote Houston while serving the community at the same time.

The entertainment for the gala will be everyone’s favorite thing – a fashion show. “I am not traveling far to supply the talent needed. Houston’s very own celebrity models will walk the ramp to spread this noble cause,” informs Tammy.

“We figure what is better than a fashion show to entertain, to raise awareness and to celebrate Houston talents. Our Inaugural Gala is called “Deep in the Heart of Houston”. We want to celebrate Houstonians helping Houstonians. Our designer David Peck is located in Houston and our sponsor Zadok Jewelers is a well-known and well-respected jeweler in Houston. Our models are all local celebrities. We are a local charity that seeks to help local Houstonian children and families,” says Tammy.

KNOWAutism is showing its love for Houston in every way that it can, it’s time for Houston to love it back! The success of this gala will allow KNOWAutism to do even more to help autistic Americans, a number that totals 3 million.

Watch the video here to get a sneak peak of the upcoming gala event.

Inputs By Natasha Naik

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