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The World of Zayver Jewels | Bela Thacker

The World of Zayver Jewels | Bela Thacker

Bold chunky pieces, flamboyant colors, and semi precious stones are making headlines. Zayver Jewels by Bela Thacker has become such a household name for many Houstonians. TV Anchors/Reporters, fashionistas and professionals are all embracing the Zayver style. It’s fun, simple, yet adds plenty of glamour. Lights Camera Action Houston Society News Host Ruchi Mukherjee catches up with the demure and intellectual Bela Thacker.

Bela Thacker and Courtney Gilmore on the sets of KPRC

Bela Thacker and Courtney Gilmore on the sets of KPRC

2014 was such an amazing year for Zayver Jewels. You have grown so quickly hosting several trunk shows and charity events at various upscale boutiques. What inspired you and what propelled your success?

So far I have been very fortunate in my life to have been able to follow two of my passions. The first being in academia as a professor of history and second to follow my passion and be creative director of Zayver Jewels. My perfect combination of east and west has propelled by quick success in this diverse city. It feels gratifying to see the movers and shakers of Houston society embrace my designs. This year I am planning on being part of great fundraisers and fashion shows and launching a fabulous Fall line. I was thrilled to be the featured jewelry designer on KPRC Channel 2, then hosting at the Culturemap Pop Up shopping event was a blast. 2015 is also filled with exciting events and TV appearances.

Zayver Jewels are very unique and bold featuring semi precious stones and gold plated accents. How would you define your designs? Can you explain the meaning of Zayver?

My designs are inspired by my mom and aunt. They always said that when you wear a “Zayver” (which means jewelry in Gujarati and Hindi) it represents who you are and my aesthetics are also very much shaped by my upbringing, of a bi-cultural existence as an Indian and an American. I only make jewelry that I could see myself wearing, and I never price anything at more than what I would pay myself. My collection defines the woman without dominating her. Each one is a piece of art.

Which ones are your favorite pieces?

That’s a tough question Ruchi, its like trying to choose your favorite kid. All my pieces are very dear too me but yes I have to say that there are few pieces that stole my heart. For instance Lights Camera Action Fashionista’s Yasmine Haddad and Sonia Azad wore my bold chunky necklace so well. Then the chandelier earrings that you wear so well.

As much as you are a good businesswoman you believe in giving back to the community. Tell us about all the charities you have been involved with?

I grew up in a family that believed in giving back to the community. The Greater Houston of Women’s Chamber of Commerce STEAM program is very dear to me and a few other charities I have hosted trunk shows to benefit are Child Advocates, The Women’s Home, Child Assessment Center, Houston Children Give Back, and Agha Khan Foundation. I am very excited to recently team up with Recipe For Success and host a Spring trunk show at Mio Boutique on February 23, 2015.

Your favorite designers and hangout places?

I adore David Peck’s designs, it has so much sophistication and he loves playing with color. Houston is full of talented designers like Chloe Dao, Jonathan Blake and so many others. Among international designers I love Ralph Lauren, and Issey Miyake. When you ask me about my favorite hang out place I will have to say there is nothing like enjoying a glass of champagne and shopping at Mio Boutique. We shop, we brainstorm ideas and we empower each other. You can also find my collection at Mio.

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