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Lights Camera Action’s Junior Achievers | Lincoln Dow

Lights Camera Action’s Junior Achievers | Lincoln Dow

Eleven-year-old Lincoln Dow is a dog’s best friend! Though he may be young, he has already managed to start a business to help pets travel and make the process easier for their owners.

Lincoln Dow (4)That’s right. This young boy has found a way to ensure the safety and comfort of pets and to make the process of them flying much easier. People and Pets is an airline that caters specifically to dogs in need of a flight. One week a month the plane flies eastbound, and another week it flies westbound.

A flight attendant will be present during the flights to care for the animals, which is another thing that makes this service different than traditional pet transport. People and Pets is on its way to becoming a certified FAA Part 135 Air Carrier and is already registered with the USDA as a Class T Carrier.

This is the only airline to specifically fly dogs, and is also open to flying cats, so long as their own kennel is provided. This service will be starting in February, take a look at their website to see when reservations can be made.

This journey began when a few years ago, Lincoln was traveling with his family and wanted to bring their dog along. He was hesitant to fly his dog using traditional methods, as the risks were high and he wanted to ensure the safety of his dog. “I decided I wanted to be behind a better solution for pet transportation, and after attending two pet expos in 2012 and 2013, I acquired an aircraft in April of 2014, and became an LLC in June of 2014,” says Lincoln.

Inputs by Natasha Naik

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