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LCA Presents – Young and Fabulous Fashionistas of Htown | Bella Chramosta

LCA Presents – Young and Fabulous Fashionistas of Htown | Bella Chramosta

Spring Break Special

When you have a fashionista mom like Donae Chramosta (The Vintage Contessa) what can you expect other than a fabulous fashionable daughter, Bella Chramosta. This spring for the month of March, Lights Camera Action presents the Young and Fabulous: Bella Chramosta. Those of you who know the Chramostas must be aware that they are very stylish, and our young fashionista was recently spotted at the KNOWAutism Gala runway fashion show.

Bella Chramosta (6)There is plenty of shopping at Gap, Zara kids, Crew Cuts and Target for separates in Bella’s closet. Neimans is the go to shopping destination for dresses. However Bella’s favorite designer, unquestionably, is David Peck. He created Bella’s dream dress that she co-designed for their book, The Vintage Contessa & Princessa, with illustrator and fashion designer, Marina Saba.

When they travel Bella takes interest in shopping to find unique pieces as a memento of her trips. “Last July while walking down the streets in the Hamptons, Bella laid eyes on a shocking pink “twirley” dress. She pointed it out to her Daddy. Fortunately, it was within her budget,” says Donae.

At a very young age Bella has had a great sense of fashion. She likes to look good and fashionable. For spring she is in love with David Peck USA, peep toed wedges. To know more about Bella and her style we caught up with her very glamorous mom Doane to learn more.

Bella is a doll. How do you like to dress her up?

Now that she is seven, she has a strong opinion about her personal style, so we work together to chose the right look for her mood. Her favorites are a Tweed Chanel inspired jacket from the Gap. Tweed shorts from American Girl Heart/Love sweaters and tshirts. The colors pink, purple, red and gold, of course anything with sequins and glitter is a winner.

You are very fashionable and so do you think that has influenced her fashion choices?

Bella sees me pulling together different looks by mixing pieces in my closet so I would say my biggest influence on her is my own use of tulle, sequins, fur and color. Surprisingly, I would say SHE influences ME as much as I influence her.

Bella won’t step out of the house without?

She has to have her book and sketch pad for long trips and of course she will never step out without her favorite American Girl Doll.

Is she into The Vintage Contessa? What bags are her favorite?

I would say her favorite bags are my Neon pink Celine Mini Luggage, shocking pink Chanel Classic Flap, patent neon orange Correges purchased in Forte Dei Marmi a few summers ago and a blush pink Perrin Paris “glove” patent clutch bought in LA.

What are her favorite hot spots in Houston?

Her go to restaurants are Berryhill for “princess” queso and Panda Garden for dumplings. She is an avid reader so she loves trips to Barnes & Noble. For shopping, she always chooses American Girl.

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