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Profile of the Month | Marty McVey

Profile of the Month | Marty McVey

Marty McVey is a highly motivated young dynamic entrepreneur with active participation with many social and charitable events. Just as many of us, Marty was born somewhere else – Boone, North Carolina but later moved to Houston and fell in love with the city. “Houston has been good to me, and I want to help give other people, and our youth the same opportunities to be successful that I was blessed with,” says Marty.

He is the founder and shareholder of a successful, award-winning private equity businesses in the Real Estate, Energy Services and Healthcare sectors. In addition, he is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas, and as a businessman, fully understands the challenges of running a business. Marty McVey is running for Mayor, and Lights Camera Action Houston International Society News Editor, Ruchi Mukherjee sat down with him to learn more.

Marty McVey (6)What motivated you to run for Mayor for the City of Houston?

Houston has traditionally chosen progressive mayors that broke new ground, and then followed them with a business-oriented mayor to consolidate gains and address economic issues. Houston has a great art community, a fabulous restaurant scene, but it is first and foremost a city of commerce. I came here, like many, to do business, stayed because I loved it, and I prospered here. Now it is time to give back.

What is your connection with Houston? And tell us about your family.

Houston has been good to me, and I want to help give other people, and our youth the same opportunities to be successful that I was blessed with. My dad was a cop, then a judge and my mom was a jeweler. Together they raised six kids. My dad’s father was a well known furniture maker and my mom’s dad was a farmer. I learned many valuable lessons growing up, never quit, ignore negativity, learn from mistakes and hard work is required to be successful.

You are a businessman. So as a businessman what are the challenges?

As a businessman, I fully understand the multiple layers of complexity of running a business. I know the many challenges that are faced and the many sacrifices that must be made to achieve success. I also believe that our government should operate like any well-managed business: by practicing efficiency, being innovative and constantly searching for new opportunities that will benefit everyone in the city.

What are your plans for the growth of the city?

My goal for this campaign, and for all of us as Houstonians, is to bring continued economic prosperity to our city, repair our crumbling infrastructure and improve city services such as police, fire, permitting and planning.

These goals can be achieved with new leadership, business leadership, and smart investments in our infrastructure and economic development. Houston has all of the necessary tools and the energy to become one of the world’s leading economies in this century. As part of these efforts, showcasing Houston to the international business community and bringing those enterprises to Houston is crucial for Houston to become all it can be for all of us. It is time transform our city and take our place on the world stage.

What charities/public services have you been involved in?

My parents taught me that we can all find ways to give back to our community. Some of the ways that I have given back include being a donor and active supporter of several charitable organizations, including Halo House Foundation, Human Rights Watch and the World Affairs Council. I am a lifetime member of the NAACP, a National Advisory Board Member of the Tahirih Justice Center, and have served as committee member of the Bush-Clinton Ike Coastal Recovery Fund.

What is your educational background?

As a lifelong learner, I earned a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration, with concentration in Management, from American University. I also received a Global Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University, as well as a Máster Universitario en Administración Empresas from Esade University. Additionally, I completed Harvard Business School’s ‘Developing Future Leaders’ Program.’

In 2015, I will be guest lecturing at the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Montana State University and at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.

Tell us about your travels.

In 2011, I was honored to be appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as a Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD).

As part of my public service to the American people, I have traveled, often more than once, to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Libya, Haiti and other parts of the developing world. I love to serve my country and to be part of building democracy, promoting free trade and insuring global security.

Lights Camera Action wishes Marty all the best for his future endeavors.

Photo Credit: Josh Blake

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